Bhad Bhabie Reveals Plan to Join OnlyFans, Explains Her Content

Some fans, meanwhile, jump to the 17-year-old ‘Cash Me Outside’ raptress’ defense as one notes that OnlyFans contents, despite their reputation, do not always have to be sexual.

AceShowbiz -Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) may soon join a long list of celebrities who create an OnlyFans page. The decision may earn her criticism considering that the site is mainly used to share adult contents, but the 17-year-old raptress clarified about what content she plans to bring to her page.

“Let me make something super clear I said I would not make a only fans to show my naked body but I’m not opposed to making one for my fans to see different content and b able to interact with me on another app,” the “Cash Me Outside” star wrote on her Instagram Story on Monday, February 15. “Still haven’t made up my mind tho bc ppl think only fans is only used for f***ing and sucking and naked girls.”

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Fans, however, didn’t think that Bhabie was even eligible to create an account on the site. “You not even old enough to sign up sweetie,” one fan reminded her. “Dont you have to be 18 to do that anyway? Nobody’s paying to see a child take her clothes off,” someone else commented. Similarly, another user questioned, “Ain’t she a minor still?? She don’t even meet the age requirements to sign up.”

Some others were curious about what content that Bhabie wants to share. “So…what would you use it for then miss mamas? Define ‘different content,'” asked one user. Meanwhile, someone told everyone, “If y’all sub this minors OF y’all sick!” Noticing that it was so wrong of her considering to join OnlyFans, one user said, “SHES UNDERAGE PLEASE STOP PROMOTING THIS BEHAVIOR.”

Despite the criticism, some others jumped to Bhabie’s defense. “Do y’all even read the post before commenting under the post ?? She just stated that she is not showing nothing inappropriate, she said if she does sign up it will only be for her to talk to her fans and for her fans to see what’s going on with her bts,” said one of them. Someone also noted, “well i mean that is what only fans for, content for fans of any sort.”

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