Babyface Speaks Out On Anita Baker Feud, Wanted to Stay On Tour

Babyface is speaking out about the alleged bad blood between Anita Baker and him which led to him getting canned as a supporting act on her Songstress Tour!!!

TMZ Hip Hop obtained the first clip of the R&B maestro’s upcoming appearance on “The Jason Lee Show” where he addresses his newfound free time head-on.

Babyface clarified to JL that the tour belonged to Anita, as it celebrated the 40th anniversary of her debut album — but he did suggest one of his last nights on the tour was far more “complex” than his fans know.

He was referring to the Newark show where technical difficulties drastically shortened the show, meaning only one of the legacy artists could perform — and, as we reported, that was the headliner … Ms. Baker.

anita baker tweet

Anita pulled the plug last week on Babyface’s role as her opener … after what she called cyberbullying from fans upset with his limited stage time. She also accused him of going over his scheduled stage time.

anita baker tweets

Babyface says he had no issues opening for Anita and enjoyed watching her perform after him.

He’ll surely have more to say when the full ‘Jason Lee Show’ episode drops later today on Revolt TV, but his unbothered nature won’t do anything to appease his angry fans … who continue painting Anita as the villain in this drama.

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