Ayo Edebiri: ‘People seem to be picking up what I’m putting down’

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The second season of The Bear came out recently and it’s pretty great. It broadens the world a lot beyond the restaurant and beyond Jeremy Allen White’s Carmy, focusing on other characters. Ayo Edebiri was already the second lead on the show and in the restaurant as sous chef, and also had a much larger role to play this season. And her career is picking up steam as well, with two other movies coming out this year. Ayo spoke to W Magazine about fashion and her current/upcoming projects. Some highlights:

How has your relationship with style changed over the past few years?
I feel like my uniform is very much big t-shirt vibes, especially when I do standup. And then so much of writing became over Zoom, so definitely during COVID I had a period where I was like, “Oh, I actually miss wearing clothes that are really nice.” I was doing a Friday dress up day in my house. But within the past year, my world has opened up so much in terms of opportunities and events, so I’ve definitely have been thinking a lot more about what I wear and how I wear it.

Has that felt challenging at all?
Instead of limiting myself or my scope, I realize how much fashion can help you tell stories, really. As an actress, as a storyteller, that’s so crucial. Being able to mold and create new stories for yourself, new journeys, it’s very freeing. And being able to do it in clothes that are so carefully thought out and made and so explorative and more conceptual is very cool.

You’ve had an extremely busy year and now you have Bottoms and Theater Camp coming up. How are you feeling and what’s next?
Oh man, I’m just feeling very grateful. I love what I get to work on and the people that I get to work with. I feel very fortunate that so far people seem to be picking up what I’m putting down, and that the world has been opening for me creatively to keep following that. I’ve got some things lined up that I’m excited for, but I’m really keeping in the present right now.

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People really are picking up what Ayo is putting down. She seems to be having a moment that is slowly building momentum instead of being everywhere, all in our faces, and I think that has more staying power. She is still a relative newcomer, with The Bear being her most high profile project and I think it bodes well that a project early in her career is getting critical acclaim. As for what she says about fashion — yes. We all have a comfy uniform and I did the same thing during covid where I dressed up randomly just because I could. And I like that Ayo is appreciative of fashion and isn’t being precious about talking about it. Fashion is part of storytelling and it’s also a branding/business opportunity for actresses.



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