Avatar star left with ‘plenty of cuts and bruises’ during filming

Avatar: The Way of Water premieres in London

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Jack Champion, 18, plays Miles ‘Spider’ Socorro in Avatar: The Way of Water. As one of the few human characters, Jack was able to mostly avoid the motion capture suits but instead his parkour skills were put to the test each and every day.

At the world premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water in London, Jack spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk alongside some of his younger co-stars.

Before Jack ever appeared on camera for the film, he first spent four years in training starting when he was just 12.

The physicality of Spider’s character also saw Jack largely focusing on parkour training and stunts, many of which he did himself.

However, the humble actor is not afraid to admit that it didn’t always go to plan.

In fact, the actor hopes he’s able to make an appearance in Avatar’s bloopers reel, if one is made.

He shared: “Any stunt I ever messed up is just hilarious.

“I love epic fails so I think they should release every stunt I’ve ever slipped or just totally wiped out.”

Thankfully his “epic fails” never resulted in any serious injuries, Jack admitted he walked off set with “plenty of cuts and bruises” every day.

In the film, Jack’s character Spider is one of the few remaining humans on Pandora after the events in the first film saw the rest of them heading back to earth while Spider was too young to travel.

Spider is somewhat adopted by the notorious Jake Sully and Neytiri, often leaving Jack as the only human in scenes surrounded by Na’vi.

This meant the child actor found himself almost having to film the movie twice.

The first time, Jack was placed on sets designed for motion capture with his co-stars all in performance capture suits.

The second time round, the actor was mostly left on his own with the other human characters in New Zealand, dressed in his now iconic loincloth.

He told Express.co.uk that he wasn’t entirely alone as he was acting alongside “foam Na’vi-looking puppets that were actually 10 feet tall”.

Referring to the previous Avatar film, the actor joked: “I guess that’s like a step up from a tennis ball!”

However, Jack admitted it wasn’t easy sailing in New Zealand: “It was a challenge to build your imagination after working with Sam and Zoe to filming by myself with like foam faces, that is hard!”

As filming for this Avatar took four years, most of Jack’s teenage years are now recorded on-screen, albeit trying to look as though he is the same age throughout.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jack admitted “it’s weird” for him to watch the film as he can tell when he shifts age.

He explained: “In some scenes, I’m 14, and then in the next scene, I’m 16.

“So I’m like, ‘Wait a second, I look slightly more pudgy’. And then in another scene, I’m 2 inches taller with abs.”

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