Ashley Cain's Girlfriend Mourns Infant Daughter's Death, Says Each Day is “Getting Harder”

Time, as it turns out, does not heal all wounds. Not like this.

Not when the wound is just so deep and so very personal.

Such is the tragic case for Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee, the former of whom starred on MTV's The Challenge.

Ashley then made the worst kind of headlines in October when he told the world that the couple's baby daughter, Azaylia Diamond, had been diagnosed with leukemia.

The eight-month old then passed away on April 24.

We truly cannot imagine the heartbreak that Cain and his girlfriend, along with many other loved ones, must be feeling right now.

We'rre keeping them in our thoughts now, tomorrow and always.

For those unfamiliar with this story, and/or for those seeking an update, we invite you to scroll down and remember Azaylia.

Both Ashley and Safiyya have paid moving, heartbreaking tribute to their late daughter over the last few days.

May she rest in peace.

1.RIP, Azaylia

2.Added Vorajee at the Time:

3.Such a Brave Journey

4.Hope… and Then Heartbreak

5.A Defiant Dad

6.Two Special Weeks…

7…. And Then She Was Gone

8.Continued Cain:

9.It Just Makes No Sense

10.Concluded Cain in This Tribute:

11.A Few Words from Vorajee:

12.Thank You… to Everyone

13.The Honor of a Lifetime

14.It Was All Worthwhile.

15.Every Single Second.

16.May Azaylia Rest in Perpetual Peace

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