Armie Hammer Allegedly Carved His Initial Into Ex-Lover’s Body During Knife Play

Another woman, who claims to be the actor’s former girlfriend, opens up about an alleged knife play that left her with permanent scar during their ‘real-life 50 Shades of Grey without the love.’

AceShowbizArmie Hammer‘s problems continue to mount as another ex-girlfriend comes forward with claims he carved the letter “A” into her body.

Paige Lorenze alluded to a relationship with the movie star in a YouTube video earlier this week (beg18Jan21), and now the 22-year-old model has shared her story with DailyMailTV, revealing the time she spent with Hammer was like “a real-life 50 Shades of Grey without the love.”

Her allegations follow those of another ex, who claimed Armie had cannibal fantasies.

The actor has denied the accusations.

Lorenze claims she was often left bruised after time spent with Hammer, adding, “There were teeth marks and bite marks all over me. He was completely obsessed with biting me. He told me ‘be proud as they were just love bites.’ “

“Once he said, ‘If you did not tell me to stop I would eat a piece out of you’. And he was serious too. It was like he actually wanted to eat my flesh away. He wanted to find a doctor in L.A., so that he could remove one of my ribs… and then barbecue it and eat it while I watch. He said that more than once. He was very serious.”

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But it was the Rebecca star’s alleged knife play that disturbed Paige the most.

“He would love to do knife play, where he would wave the blade above me or glide it across my skin,” she said. “He was obsessed with it and usually he did not cut me. However that night he decided he wanted to brand me as his property and carve his name on my body. He tried to rationalise it as his gesture of his commitment to us being together for the long term.”

“I wasn’t sure he was serious, as he looked over my body and said, ‘Where should I carve an A on you?’ Before I could process it, he plunged the tip of the knife into my flesh just above my vagina. The pain was excruciating, but I did not want to seem weak, despite the discomfort…”

“As it bled, he started licking it. This continued for a few minutes. And I kind of blanked it all out. I was concerned that the wound was going to get infected…”

“The next day he even told people about what he had done. I was upset, embarrassed and humiliated, but he insisted, ‘You should be proud of it. I would not tell anyone who did not think it was awesome’. I rationalised it with his logic of us being a couple, to mask the truth, but I was completely manipulated. It will haunt me forever. I will have laser treatment to get rid of the scar.”

But Hammer’s lawyer has shot down Lorenze’s remarks, insisting, “Any interactions with this person, or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”

However, the actor’s ex insists Armie needs to be stopped in his tracks, adding, “I want Armie to address his demons, see the pain and trauma that he has caused me and other women. He told me there’s a whole community that will do this stuff, that it was not criminal. He really thought that his fantasies were normal behaviour… Any man who is fantasising about crushing bones, eating them, having sex with female limp bodies is a danger to all women… His actions and behaviour are dangerous and emotionally and psychologically damaging.”

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