Alexandra Daddario: ‘I’m not the type of girl who’s dreamed of her wedding’

Alexandra Daddario covered a recent issue of InStyle to promote her new series, Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, which I’ve heard nothing about, good or bad. This is InStyle’s “Self Love Issue,” so it’s not all about work, it’s about her vibes. Daddario’s vibes are pretty good – she’s lived a charmed life and she recently got married in one of the coolest New Orleans weddings I’ve seen. Some highlights from InStyle:

Her career path and her lack of a plan: “I’m not super-strategic. For the majority of my twenties, no one was throwing offers at me. There’s stuff I’ve done that people don’t take super seriously, which is fine, but I’ve always taken my characters seriously, and so I’ve always found something in each project. I take it day by day. I think it’s hard to make plans because you have to adjust them so much. I’m feeling that if you make plans, then you get laughed at by God or whomever. Anything can happen.”

She’s never felt she “made it”: “I never was like, ‘I’ve made it,’ even now I don’t feel like, this is it, I’m good for life now. I’m very, very proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I’m grateful, but it’s a ladder. You’re always sort of trying to figure it out. When you reach a certain age, and you’re still doing it, you go, ‘Well, I’m not going back to Marymount now to get my degree and figure out what to do; this is my job.’”

Her YouTube channel: “I wouldn’t film myself sobbing about a breakup and be like, ‘I can’t handle it anymore. I’m so upset. Why did he do this to me?’ I think there was part of it, not even consciously, but part of it that was like, come on, all this other stuff you see isn’t real. And being ridiculous and weird and strange or a little bit less polished about things, that’s life. We’re all a little weird, so why hide it?”

Her thoughts on intimacy coordinators on sets: “While some people might say that it went from zero to 60 really quickly, I think it was such a long time coming that these things had to happen. And even if some people feel like it’s sort of an overcorrection, I think it’s much better than not doing anything about it. I love having intimacy coordinators and people paying attention to these types of things. And I love seeing more women in front and behind the camera.”

She didn’t expect her Danielle Frankel wedding dress to be a huge hit on TikTok. “I’m not the type of girl who’s dreamed of her wedding, I had no idea what I wanted to wear, but I knew I didn’t want it to be super traditional. I guess I was kind of thinking Meghan Markle.” She said once she found Frankel, she knew something would work. “That was just the one that felt right, and I didn’t overthink it, and I just went with my gut.”

Dressing for herself: “I think as you get older, you get out of your head a bit more, and you get more confident with your decisions, and not dressing for other people; you’re doing it for yourself. And that’s been really freeing.”

[From InStyle]

Her wedding gown deserved to be beloved by TikTokers, it was an awesome dress and it wasn’t cookie-cutter. The whole vibe of her NOLA wedding was gothic-spooky-retro, and her pleated, loose slipdress was a whole mood. I love how much she references her style icon, Meghan Markle. She mentioned Meghan in her Vogue Wedding profile too, it feels like Daddario really has a Meghan moodboard, only it’s not creepy like Kate’s. I understand why she doesn’t feel like she’s made it too – while she has gotten progressively more famous, there isn’t one big role or one big movie where we can say “wow, she arrived!” Maybe White Lotus, but even then… it wasn’t exactly a showcase for her? She’s basically just a jobbing character actress. But that’s cool – that means she’ll always have work.

Cover & IG courtesy of Emma Anderson for InStyle.

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