Abby Lee Miller Launching New Dance Reality Series ‘Mad House’ – Watch the Trailer!

Abby Lee Miller is heading back to television!

The iconic former Dance Moms star is looking to get a new dance troupe in the upcoming new reality series Mad House.

In the upcoming series, we’ll see a team of dancers training with Abby Lee and competing to be in her Mad House as they advance their career.

“I am not looking for an elite team anymore. I’m looking for a professional working group of dancers,” Abby Lee says in the beginning of the trailer.

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Here’s a synopsis: Housemates hand selected by Miller, must complete challenges that test their abilities as “working, employable dancers,” according to dance instructor herself. She assigns house duties that teach the young adults to take accountability, and become independent from their hovering mothers. All of the housemates have aged out of the competition circuit and are looking for their first paying jobs. The next step in a dancer’s career that was not explored on Miller’s last series, Dance Moms.

“It’s not about plastic trophies anymore, it’s all about my mission, training working, employable dancers,” the dance coach shared in a statement. “And no moms allowed. I’ve had enough with the moms who think they know what’s best for their kids. I’ve been there and done that. Now these young adults fend for themselves. Will they show me they can be a star? Can will they survive a house mother from hell!? Well we will see won’t we.”

Mad House will premiere on September 29th on the new Brandon TV streaming app, which also launches that same day!

Mad House is a hybrid series. You get to learn about the dancer’s personal lives, but you also get the intensity of competition from the all of the challenges each week,” executive producer and Brandon TV founder Brandon Stewart said. “We had an idea about what the show would look and feel like before we started filming, but the strong personalities on the show led us into a new direction. A series that really does bring Abby back in a big way.”
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