90 Day Fiance Spoiler: Do Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina Get Married?

Suffice it to say that Julia Trubkina’s experience in America has been more like 90 Day Farmhand than she imagined.

Forced to live in a separate room. Forced to labor on a farm. Most people would have left the Gibbs family farm long ago.

The only way that these two could make it to the altar is if Brandon’s parents magically became reasonable, or if they moved out.

A new photo appears to have spoiled how things ended up for this young couple.

An apparent friend of Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina posted a photo to Facebook.

That pic shows Brandon and Julia, clearly still together, with Brandon hoisting Julia up in the air.

It’s a New Year’s Eve photo from just weeks ago, many months after their plans to marry on May 9.

First of all, exes do not generally party together for New Year’s Eve, so this indicates that they did not break up.

(By the way, no one at all should party for any reason during the pandemic … either they were reckless, or these are their roommates or something)

Second of all, Julia would not even be able to be in the US to party with Brandon and friends if she had not married him, as the K-1 visa would have run out much earlier in 2020.

After the photo surfaced, a number of fans noted that — for better or for worse given the in-laws situation — these two are still together.

But we couldn’t take our eyes off of those cabinets and that fridge in the photo.

That doesn’t look like the Gibbs Nightmare Farm to us.

So, naturally, we looked at the older episodes, back to when Julia first discovered an open container of live crickets just sitting on the floor of the kitchen.

The presence of loose insects was a distraction, but look at the background.

White cabinets and grandma curtains look very different from the clean wood paneling and brushed stainless steel fridge in the New Year’s photo.

In fact, we even looked at the kitchen from other angles, and the layout is entirely different.

So no, it’s not just a case of the Gibbs family remodeling their kitchen between early last year and the end of 2020.

(And, having seen what we’ve seen on the season thus far, if they wanted to remodel, they’d probably make Julia do it since they see her as a servant, not a person)

Betty Gibbs has put Julia through the wringer since before she even arrived at the house.

After c–kblocking her and her son at the hotel after Julia first arrived, she had them both come down to dinner.

That is where she had two nasty surprises — confronting Julia about birth control, and announcing that they would not be sharing a room.

It’s funny that Betty tried to frame her obsessive control issues as a matter of “respect.”

Funny only because Betty is one of the most disrespectful villains in the history of the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

Fans have speculated that Betty has that particular brand of narcissism where she just doesn’t fully grasp that other people have their own thoughts and desires and a right to feel that way.

The mother knows worst tour continued with Betty taking Julia and Brandon on a day trip to Washington DC.

Now, maybe production had asked them to do something before going home, but even if that was the case, Betty planned out everything for that day.

Not Julia, not Brandon — Betty made it clear that she controlled everything that happened. This was part of a long, long pattern.

Julia was so happy to be welcomed to the Gibbs house … but that soon became bittersweet.

Betty took her on a tour of the chores that she would be required to do.

As Julia noted to the camera, Betty never asked her if she’d like to help — she immediately began treating her like a farmhand.

Julia is accustomed to working at night.

And, like a normal twenty-something (and plenty of people older than that live this way too), she wouldn’t normally get up before noon unless her job requires it.

Suddenly, she was tasked with getting up at dawn to feed animals that terrify her. And her misery was just beginning.

Betty and Ron sat down with Brandon and Julia to scold Brandon for not doing as many hours of farm labor (on top of his full-time job) as they demanded of him.

They banned him from bringing Julia tea in the mornings, and also told Julia that they want her to do even more.

Why? Because Betty and Ron are bad people and even worse hosts. Julia is supposed to be their guest and future daughter-in-law, not their farmhand.

All of this injustice and the messy, stinky drudgery of it all got to Julia.

After consulting with her father, she put her foot down and gave Brandon a long-overdue ultimatum.

Either they move out of the house together to their own home, or she goes back to Russia.

Though Brandon has spent 27 years under Betty’s thumb and, as a result, is terrible at standing up for himself, he tried.

Almost immediately, though, his mother’s manipulation and his father’s anger caused him to backtrack, suddenly asking for bargaining chips and throwing Julia under the bus.

And that was before Betty turned on the waterworks. As much as viewers may enjoy seeing her sad, it’s clearly a weapon to keep Brandon at home where she can control him.

Brandon Gibbs preview - Betty "that makes me so sad"

So despite all of this, it looks like Julia and Brandon made it to the altar. That’s great news for them!

We hope that they escaped from Hummingbird Farms sooner rather than later, because no one in the world deserves to be treated as Julia was.

Maybe they moved in with roommates to make it work financially, and those were the friends in the photo. Or maybe not. Only time will tell.

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