22-Year-Old Surfer Dead After Falling From 6-Foot Wave In Mexico

So sad!

Óscar Serra, a popular Spanish surfer, passed away on Saturday after falling from a 6-foot wave and hitting his head on the ocean floor in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, as reported by Men’s Health and local outlets. The young athlete was just 22 years old.

According to Euro News Weekly, the surfer was pulled from the water by lifeguards, but his injuries were fatal. CPR and other resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. The Spanish Surfing Federation confirmed the devastating news on Twitter, sharing a heartfelt statement that acknowledged the “very hard blow” the whole community had suffered, adding:

“There are no words to describe so much pain. Life is often unfair.”

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Óscar’s partner, Ainara Aymat, added her own touching Instagram post to “say goodbye.” Discussing a recent “paddle out” memorial service held in the deceased’s honor, she shared:

“I am left with an image of an incredible sunset, in a very special place for him.”

Along with an emotional thanks to followers and family, Ainara concluded:

“I know he loved you with all his soul.”

See a clip of the heart-wrenching ceremony (below).

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Whoa… Our hearts go out to all those mourning this tragic loss! May he rest in peace…

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