13 Pisces Celebrities’ Quotes About Love That Are So Deep

If there is one zodiac sign that is truly too pure for this world, it’s Pisces. Those born between Feb. 19 and March 20 are dreamers and schemers who tend to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, but IMO, seeing the good in everyone isn’t the worst thing. Gentle, intuitive, and majorly emotional, the fish of the zodiac are always in their feels, and few signs make for better lover. While you can’t always rely on Pisces to show up on time, you can trust them to give great relationship advice, and your fave Pisces celebrities’ quotes about love are so, so wise.

Pisceans believe all people are deserving of love, and as deeply empathetic individuals, those born under this water sign tend to see the best in everyone. Of course, their overly-trusting nature can lead them to get hurt, but for them, wearing their heart on their sleeve is worth the risk. Dreamy Pisceans seek partners who are attracted to their minds and spirits, so showing a little vulnerability is necessary in order to make a connection. If you’re looking to connect with someone on an emotional and intellectual level, then you’ll appreciate this valuable love advice from Pisces celebs.

Rihanna Thinks You Find Love By Trusting Your Intuition

— Rihanna to Vogue in March 2016

Bad Bunny Says Relationships Require Openness & Honesty

— Bad Bunny to Entertainment Tonight in March 2020

Olivia Rodrigo Thinks Trust Is Necessary In A Relationship

— Olivia Rodrigo to Glamour U.K. in May 2020

Emily Blunt Says It’s Important To Protect Your Happiness

— Emily Blunt on Harper’s Bazaar U.K. in December 2010

Justin Bieber Believes The Best Relationships Offer Stability

— Justin Bieber in his 2020 YouTube documentary, Seasons

Camila Cabello Says The Right Person Allows You To Open Up

— Camila Cabello to Variety in August 2019

Adam Levine Thinks Relationships Require Privacy

— Adam Levine to Details in July 2013

Becky G Believes True Love Should Feel Effortless

— Becky G to Entertainment Tonight in December 2017

Jameela Jamil Thinks True Love Is Worth The Wait

— Jameela Jamil to Cosmopolitan U.K. in May 2015

Common Believes You Should Love Someone As You Love Yourself

— Common to Women’s Health in March 2016

Jhené Aiko Thinks People Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Love Openly

— Jhené Aiko to Vice in January 2014

Elliot Page Considers All Love A Gift

— Elliot Page at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive Conference in February 2014

Thank you for your deep, dreamy wisdom, Pisces celebs.

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