Megan Thee Stallion's Best Beauty Looks in the "Cry Baby" Video

When she teamed up with Cardi B for “WAP” and promptly set the internet ablaze, Megan Thee Stallion more than established her ability to turn a music video drop into a moment. Her latest, for “Cry Baby” featuring DaBaby, has yet to become a global phenomenon, but the two clips share quite a bit in common—like the director Colin Tilley, the hairstylist Kellon Deryck, and the nail artist Coca Michelle. And thanks to the latter two, that also means it contains a treasure trove of beauty looks. 

The first comes courtesy of the comedian Kwaylon Rogers (aka @blameitonkway), who’s making two Barbie dolls fight about who looks best. Little do they know that he beats them both by a mile, in a waist-length turquoise wig with top knots and a crown of braids. 

The moment Rogers exits the dark toy store, Meghan springs to life. At first, she keeps it simple—or what would be simple, if there weren’t a bouquet-like headpiece atop her mane of raven hair. 

Soon, she has company: a whole dollhouse’s worth of mini Meghans. A closeup proves that each has on heavy lashes, electric blue eyeshadow, winged liner, and subtle rhinestones to match her bedazzled floral nails. But the waist-length wig is the real star. Meghan’s is pastel pink and stenciled with flowers by Deryck. (If you think that’s over-the-top, it’s nothing compared to the Louis Vuitton-monogrammed waist-length wig that Cardi B wore pre-“WAP” last year.)

The makeup, by Priscilla Ono, stays the same for her next look, though there’s no missing the change in waist-length wig. This one is black, but just as much of a presence when Meghan starts swinging her pigtails, which are separated by a zig-zag part. 

As for DaBaby, he did not participate in the fun. His single ensemble for the toy shop consisted of jeans, a flannel, and a baseball cap.

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