If You Took Your Teenage Skin for Granted, This Collagen Serum Is a Second Chance

In the world of skincare, active ingredients like retinol and vitamin C are justifiably the stars of the show, with years of research backing up their prowess. Collagen, on the other hand, has been an up-and-comer. For some background, the ingredient is the protein that gives youthful skin its trademark bounce and elasticity—and while few collagen products are quite as good as the real thing, shoppers say one vegan serum comes close. 

According to Ulta reviewers, Pacifica's Vegan Collagen Complex Serum is amazing for brightening, adding moisture, and plumping up fine lines to give you back the skin you may or may not have taken for granted as a teenager. The frosted pink bottle is full of hydrators like glycerin, squalane, aloe, jojoba, jasmine flower extract, and the namesake vegan collagen, along with phthalate-free fragrance to make using it a ~sensory~ experience. 

One shopper intriguingly compares it to "the sap you squeeze out of a little white flower's stalk. Milky white, with that moist feeling you get from hyaluronic acid." Okay! As for how well it works, an esthetician in the comments says that they can't stress enough the night and day difference they see in their skin, even in a profession where trying ultra-pricey serums is part of the job. It's a game changer, they write, their lines filled, skin dewy and plump. 

Pacifica serum

Shop now: $22; ulta.com

Other shoppers agree that it turns back the clock, with one person in their 30s saying that thanks to the serum, they're seeing significantly fewer lines on their forehead and around their eyes — so much so that they look younger than they did five years ago. Others supply that they've noticed a huge difference in the plumpness of their cheeks, along with decreased forehead and neck wrinkles and skin that's silky smooth without being oily. 

On top of that, shoppers say that in two weeks, stubborn acne scars have noticeably faded, their skin "transformed." The phrase "my skin has never looked better" shows up more than once, and that nothing has changed their skin so quickly. "For over a year, my skin has felt so rough and bumpy," one sensitive-skinned shopper writes. After one night of the serum, they write that "it's like magic" — their skin's bounce and glow restored.

Much like reviewers, I can't say I'm surprised. One person writes that the brand refuses to do them wrong, each offering well-priced and "wears like a dream," with top-quality formulas and no iffy bulking ingredients. And for $22? Our wallet's glowing too. 

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