Hair gloss is the “that girl” secret to shiny, brilliant colour

Written by Morgan Fargo

Easy, low-maintenance and semi-permanent, hair gloss is picking up in popularity. 

There’s something very “that girl” about shiny, luscious, richly coloured hair, isn’t there? While we all covet it, it’s not as simple as popping on a hair mask and hoping for the best – especially not if you’ve been in a serious relationship with your straightener or permanent hair dye. Because even though repairing our strands is important, there’s an added layer we’re missing in achieving the glossy locks Instagram promises us is possible – a hair gloss. 

Characterised by shine and brilliance, glossing treatments are gaining in popularity thanks to their ease and non-permanence. Here’s why you should add it to your beauty repertoire in 2022, according to Stéphane Ferraira, senior colourist at Live True London.

What is a hair gloss?

“Hair gloss is a semi-permanent colour that adds tone and/or shine to the hair. It’s an ammonia-free colour that gradually washes out with subsequent shampoos. It lasts around six weeks depending on the shampoo frequency and it also ensures that no harsh regrowth is shown when the hair grows out. The formula boosts the shine on the hair and creates highly brilliant tones.

“Depending on the brand, some hair glosses can add strength and/or moisture as well as shine. Dia Richesse is one of them, due to its apricot kernel and Ionene G formula. The gloss will also and tones (this can be selected during a consultation with the stylist) and extra shine. A gloss can also be used to cover grey hair but only to a lower percentage than a permanent dye.”

Is a hair gloss a form of hair dye?

“Hair glosses are not toners, nor hair dyes. The formula is different from the others; hair dye and permanent colour will affect the hair deeper than glossing. The oxidant is also stronger, and it will lift the colour where a gloss wouldn’t – hair dye can also cover the grey at 100%. 

“Toners, in general, are acidic products which will bring back the hair to its natural pH after a colour. The acidic formula will only interact with already chemically treated hair and will have no strength at all on the natural hair where a hair gloss will be able to achieve better results.”

Is a hair gloss the same as a hair glaze?

“Hair glaze is different as it is only a hair mask. It won’t have any developer to it and will last only a few shampoos. It will coat the hair with a shiny finish, but the effects are only temporary.”

Are hair glosses damaging?

“Hair glosses are not damaging in nature, however, as with every colour, it is not advisable to overuse them.”

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use a hair gloss?

“As with all colouring products, a patch test is required prior to the colour. If the test comes positive, then we will not be able to do any colour on the client. If the test is negative, there is no counter indication to anyone wanting to use a hair gloss. The stylist will also have to check the porosity and elasticity of the hair to ensure the colour can be applied safely.”

10 hair glosses for shiny, brilliant strands

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  • Dp Hue Gloss+ Sheer Conditioner

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  • Color Wow Pop and Lock Shellac Gloss

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