FYI, This Drag Queen Now Owns The Color Blue

Close your eyes and picture the Smurfs. Or those people in Avatar. Hell, maybe even the Blue Man Group. All the classic blue icons we know and love. Yet somehow none of them have been able to pull off a fully cerulean face quite like today’s guest on our series, Cosmo Queens. We were joined by the Brooklyn-based drag queen Baby Love, and man did she kill this look. If you’re already a fan of our makeup transformation series, then this queen’s cosmetic talent should come at no surprise, (it’s not like we’re recruiting makeup rookies!) But still, the ease it took her to complete this creative concept was pretty mesmerizing.

We also *need* to discuss the cone bra bodysuit she sported to top off the look. I say it’s time to make casually wearing ensembles like this the norm. Everyone would be happier just going full-out popstar every day, IMHO. ✨

Watch the full video to marvel at Baby Love’s process, and be sure to check out even more episodes of Cosmo Queens!

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