6 autumn hair colour trends set to take off: spicy bronde, Malibu blonde and dopamine shades

Written by Morgan Fargo

Hair stylist, presenter and Evo international creative director Tom Smith shares his predictions exclusively with Stylist.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen a plethora of hair colour trends come to the fore: fire-toned copper and richly smooth brunettes, to name a couple. From red carpets to social media feeds, the sheer span of colour and cut choices has been brilliant fodder for haircut mood boards and colour wishlists.

To save you a little scrolling, Tom Smith, stylist, presenter and Evo international creative director, has compiled his forecast of the most popular autumn hair colour trends to come out of the woodwork this leafy season.

From fruit-toned blondes and red to toffee brunettes and mirror-shine black shades, Smith shares his expert predictions exclusively with Stylist

1. Malibu Barbie blonde

“This trend has gained traction recently since Anya Taylor-Joy and Gigi Hadid began to sport very long platinum locks early this year. Now, bright ‘Barbie blonde’ is taking over.

“Platinum blonde can be difficult to maintain during the summer as sun exposure and pool days can encourage the colour to fade and tarnish the tone. Autumn brings with it the desire for cosiness and warmth. This slightly golden (yet pure and bright) shade of blonde is going to be hugely popular. As the weather turns, spending time in the salon to maintain this blonde will seem more enjoyable.”

2. Burnished brunette

“Now that brunette hair colouring has evolved into an art form of its own (see the Expensive Brunette, Iced Coffee and Louis Vuitton-inspired brown hair trends of the last year), the dimension and richness of a well-done brunette is a common request.

“Burnished brunette takes the sun-kissed highlights of the summer and glosses them to add richness and shine back into dehydrated hair without losing those beautiful high and low tones.

“If you didn’t get natural sun-kissed highlights this summer, your colourist can enhance your darker base with ‘burnished’ panels of golds, toffee and caramels – all with the richness, shine and gloss we crave after a summer of subjecting our hair to dry and tricky conditions.”

3. Spicy bronde

“Usually, as pumpkin-spice latte season approaches, the desire for copper tones peaks. This year though, we saw shades of copper (think mahogany blonde and deep auburn), as early as spring.

“This autumn, fiery coppers and reds take a back seat for a softer, low-maintenance version – spicy shades of blonde and bronde. We keep the lighter base of blonde and light brown hair colours and shift the ‘tone’ rather than make the hair darker. We can bring in shades of strawberry, apricot or chilli to add a spark of heat into your post-summer highlights – all of which look rich, warm and appropriately toned down as the weather turns more crisp and cool.

“The great part is this delicate tone can be maintained at home. I recommend the Evo Fab Pro custom mixed pigmented conditioners, which you can purchase at your salon, or the Evo Fabuloso colour-boosting treatments available online in the shades chestnut or caramel.”

4. Dopamine colours: golden blonde, copper and peach

“We’ve seen dopamine dressing (and dopamine make-up) trending all summer long – the urge to encourage sparks of joy travels with our colourful fashion choices. There’s been Barbie-core pink, Bottega green and ocean blue and wearing these bright shades can indeed make us feel happier.

“When it comes to hair, does this mean we need to follow suit with hair dye in primary colours, too? Thankfully, getting a dopamine hit from your hair colour doesn’t have to be as loud as bright green, there there are (more subtle) shades that can encourage small waves of joy for the wearer and those they meet.

“Intensely warm and reflective shades such as golden blonde, copper, beauty (and, for the move brave, pink) are excellent happy hair colour choices. There are also multi-tonal, high-contrast, rich and warm shades of deep brunette that look alive and multidimensional, while still feeling bold and exciting that can spark joy, too.

“For those with darker or naturally greying hair, how about enhancing grey streaks with platinum highlights or even washes of lavender or blue? There’s so much joy when we feel the freedom to play with our hair – it embraces our individuality and can look incredibly striking.”

5. Obsidian gloss

“Summer weather can drain hair of its lustre, shine and condition – bringing back the gloss and moisture should be top of the list for your first autumn hair appointment.

“Look no further than the mirror shine of Obsidian – a precious stone that reflects like glass, is intensely deep and rich but not quite black. Combine this with a healthy trim to keep your ends looking sharp and style with high gloss hair products like the Evo Love Touch Shine Spray or Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil.”

6. Rebirth blonde

“This shade is inspired by the way the sun plays on naturally fair hair. If you were blonde as a child, take a look at old photos to see how those natural highlights popped out of nowhere on family holidays and during the summer.

“This natural shade of blonde is toned according to your complexion. The important element here is to have your highlights done softly and irregularly, in a way that imitates natural hair with extremely fine strands clustered together or scattered apart. Focus on keeping the hair around your face and parting the lightest while retaining depth underneath for a natural and relaxed look. From birth to rebirth.”

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