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I HAVE been completely inspired by a parent, who revealed how she has been using a £7 item to pack for holidays with her two toddlers.

I love travelling, but I hate both packing and living out of a suitcase, with hotels often offering very limited storage options.

But this hack may have changed how I pack for trips in the future – with a shoe organiser apparently all I needed to make my life easier.

The organiser is simply used to divide up my outfits and belongings, so they're both easily stored and then easily accessed once I have arrived.

What's more is it comes with hooks that hang over the back of the door, meaning it takes up no space in the room, while also having everything you need immediately available.

The hack comes from parent Stephanie (@betterwithchardonnay) who showed how she used one of the organisers for her family trips in a video on Tiktok, in which she called it a "game-changer".

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She said: "I tried the viral packing hack for your kids and let me tell you, it's going to be a game changer.

"Grab one of those inexpensive over-the-door shoe organisers, lay out every single outfit per day, roll it up and throw it into each one of those little slots.

"I am using this one organiser to pack for two toddlers for a six day trip."

However, I see Stephanie's hack as being useful for way more than just toddlers and their clothes.

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I'm imagining using the pockets for books, suncream, souvenirs – pretty much everything – and am looking forward to trying it out on my next trip abroad.

The organiser looks so easy to use and can simply be rolled up and packed into the suitcase, then unfurled after arriving at the accommodation.

I'm clearly not the only one who was impressed with it either.

The video has since been seen more than 7 million times, with lots of other people praising Stephanie for the idea.

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One wrote: "No kids but damn this will work for me."

Another said: "Nice idea! I always bring one of those organisers anyway for organising bathroom stuff."

A third added: "I just did this for when my oldest went to camp. It works so well!"

The shoe organisers can be found on Amazon from £6.39, making them very affordable.

This one, from Dailyart, is the one I've gone for. It comes with 24 pockets, providing enough space for several outfits and different travel items as well.

Another useful packing hack to use when travelling with kids comes from experts at M&S Kidswear.

They recommend packing towels and swimwear last, so children can get in the pool straight away, without having to dig through all their luggage.

They said:  “When packing, it’s good to be strategic, a key tip is to put your children’s beach towels and swimsuits right at the top of your case so the kids can dive straight into the pool after fractious journeys.

"This avoids mess and chaos, saving parents from having to dig back through the suitcase not knowing where each item is.”  

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