Air fryer lasagne recipe that takes only 20 minutes to cook

Air fryers are not only useful for cooking potatoes or breaded foods, as @jessdoinglifee on TikTok shows.

In a video shared with her 16.1k followers, she showed them how to make lasagne in the air fryer – not only reducing the cooking time but also the cost of electricity versus an oven.

Having already made her bolognese and white sauce, she said: “This is how I make my gorgeous air fryer lasagne.

“Get yourself some small oven-proof dishes,” which she later revealed she got from Poundland, and they were the perfect size for individual portions of lasagne.

“Start to layer them up with the lasagne mixture. Add in your meat bolognese, lasagne sheets and white sauce.”

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Jess made two layers of the three ingredients – bolognese, lasagne sheets and white sauce before topping it with grated cheese.

She continued: “Pop them in the air fryer on 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes on the air fry mode.”

You can then add extra grated cheese on top, and place them back in the air fryer for another five minutes.

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After removing them from the air fryer, she finished: “Sprinkle some oregano and there it is, complete!

“I like to serve my lasagne with some garden peas and a couple of slices of garlic bread.”

As for how it tasted, she commented: “Honestly? 10/10.”

The video has been liked by 10.7k people so far and Tan Tan commented: “That looks insane.”

Emma B added: “Cracking quick recipe, cheers for this.” Kimmi said: “I made this and it was beaut.” [SIC]

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