I upped the stakes by spending £75 on McDonald's to try & win their Monopoly – I'm not stopping until I win a car | The Sun

A MAN who has been splashing the cash to try and win at McDonald's Monopoly has spent another £75 in a bid to scoop the jackpot.

Josh Ryan previously spent £50 on fast food from the eatery, before doing the same again with another £50.

But now he's upped the stakes even further, by shelling out a further £75 on items with Monopoly stickers on them – insisting he's not going to stop until he wins a car.

"This is part three of spending money on McDonald's Monopoly to see what we can win and today I spent £75. The money's going up!" he began his TikTok video.

"And now we should win £100k, yeah?" his girlfriend joked.

Josh also said that anything they win in the video, he'd be sharing with his followers on social media.

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Things didn't get off to a good start as he peeled off Bow Street and Pentonville Road.

"I've already got 300 of them," he sighed.

But their luck seemed up when they got their first win of the video – a free McFlurry or fruit bag.

"This is part three of this series, yeah, and this is the first fruit bag or McFlurry I have won," Josh said.

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Next, they got Trafalgar Square and Marylebone station, with Josh raging: "Marylebone station I hate you!"

"I'm not stopping until I win a car," he boldly declared, before hanging his head as he realised things weren't going too well, sighing: "I've just paid £75 for all this!"

They won some more bits in the form of a small fries or veggie bag, apple pie or fruit bag and another McFlurry or fruit bag.

"Anybody need Leicester Square? Let me know, I've got about 60 of them," Josh said, before adding: "I'm vexed!"

"I'm going to leave the Chicken Selects for last because I'm feeling like this one's lucky," he said.

But sadly, his premonition was wrong, and the Selects weren't a winner.

"I won nuggets, small fries and milkshake in one meal," one person boasted in the comments section.

As another added: "I won an electric car on my first try!"

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"The winning ones usually come out on the last week of the McDonald’s monopoly!!!!" a third said.

"There’s 2 of the Mayfair in the whole of the uk you’d be lucky to win it," another wrote.

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