Brits reveal the animals they want to see in the wild – but don't know where they are | The Sun

NEARLY nine in 10 (87 per cent) Brits want to see wild animals in their natural habitat – but are unaware of where some can be found.

A poll of 2,000 adults found even though they would travel up to 12 hours to see wildlife on their bucket list, there are some gaps in people’s knowledge of the natural world.

Just under half (48 per cent) were convinced wild tigers can be found in Africa, when in fact they are native to India, while a third believed Emperor penguins roam the Arctic, despite them only being found in the Antarctic.

Nearly three in 10 (29 per cent) would love to see a whale in its natural habitat, but 26 per cent believe the best place to find a humpback is the Arctic.

However, they only occupy these waters in the summer – with Hawaii one of the best spots to find them as they gather for breeding season.  

Despite this, 38 per cent are confident they know the best place and time of year to spot their favourite animal in the wild.  

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It also emerged 28 per cent even believe blue whales are regularly spotted in the UK, despite them being most common in the southern hemisphere, with just one recorded sighting in British waters.

A crocodile was voted one of the most popular animals to see, although 44 per cent were confused about the difference between this animal and its alligator cousin  -which has a more curved snout can be found in fresh waters, with a croc preferring salt water environments.

Furthermore, 77 per cent believe seeing certain animals in the wild is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It also emerged four in 10 like to do as much as they can fit in on their holidays and 28 per cent consider themselves adventurous when it comes to trips abroad, according to the stats by OnePoll.

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The research was commissioned by Audley Travel, whose spokesperson Richard Wise, head of concierge, said: “It’s fantastic that people place such enormous value on seeing animals in their natural habitat and would venture further afield to do so.

"This sort of travel supports conservation efforts, helping animals to thrive in the wild.”

“Whether you want to explore the Galapagos Islands’, see polar bears gather around the icy waters of Hudson Bay, or spend time on an African safari for a chance to spot the Big Five, the first step is knowing where the animals can be found.”

To help inspire future wildlife trips, Audley has created a wildlife quiz for those looking to test their knowledge of the natural world and see if they know their crocodiles from their alligators.


1.    Elephant

2.    Tiger

3.    Dolphin

4.    Lion

5.    Whale

6.    Giant Panda

7.    Giraffe

8.    Penguin

9.    Polar bear

10.   Kangaroo

11.   Zebra

12.   Gorilla

13.   Cheetah

14.   Rhino

15.   Brown bear

16.   Chimpanzee

17.   Hippopotamus

18.   Giant tortoise

19.   Turtle

20.   Shark

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