Heinz customers could be ‘upset’ with change to popular Baked Beanz

Heinz’ popular beans are now 50 percent beans as opposed to 51 percent previously, The Sun reported.

This means a 4g reduction in beans – or around 10 fewer – per Heinz Beanz 415g can.

These are now priced at £1.40 per can as opposed to £1 which it was last year, the publication reported.

Experts weighed in on the food company’s change and what this means for loyal Heinz Beanz buyers.

Retail Reflections’ Andrew Busby said that the reduction “may appear to be marginal but that’s to miss the point”.

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He suggested that the popularity of Heinz Beanz and the sheer enormity of tins being sold creates a big impact.

Andrew continued: “When up to 2.5million cans a day are involved, for Heinz this suddenly becomes more than a little significant.”

Retail analyst Sophie Lund-Yates of Hargreaves Lansdown claimed that upping sauce content “feels like an obvious way to upset customers”.  

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She asserted that most customers prefer less sauce and that Heinz does not seem to be “shouting” about the change, although recipe alterations are common.

A Kraft Heinz spokesperson claimed that the change means just three beans less per can.

She explained that it was down to this year’s crop of beans having less moisture in them, and swelling more when cooked.

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In other Heinz news, the food company has also settled debate on another popular product.

Just last month, Heinz UK took to Twitter with the controversial statement: “FYI: Ketchup. goes. in. the. Fridge!!!”

A subsequent poll found that of 13,178 people, 63.2 percent of Heinz Tomato Ketchup fans keep the condiment in the fridge, while 36.8 percent go for the cupboard.

Express.co.uk has contacted Heinz UK for comment.

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