I was a crazy first time mum & gave my parents an offensive 4-page PDF guide to looking after my baby – I’m embarrassed | The Sun

A MUM has been left mortified after revealing the four-page PDF guide she made her parents after they looked after her new baby.

Charli McCusker uploaded a video called “exposing myself” which ran through some of the demands she had written, including sending photos every two hours.

In a clip on her @charlimccusker channel, the mum said: “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe what I just found.

“I am crazy.

“This is the four-page PDF I gave to my parents when my daughter stayed over at their house for the first time.

“We need to dissect this.”

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Charli’s guide “started off strong” by requesting pictures be sent of her baby Bambi every “two to three hours.”

She continued: “Before I get any further I think I need to tell you that I lived 30 seconds away from them and they were literally with her every single day.

“I was just delulu [delusional].”

Next up was Charli’s requirements for her baby’s feeding pattern.

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She said: “I did a nice chunky paragraph on her daytime feeding and then listed exactly what time every single bottle should be.

“I then did a paragraph for every 15 minutes on her nighttime routine.”

And the guide didn’t end there.

Charli also created a “juicy paragraph” based purely on socks.

She explained this was the sock she made her daughter wear up until she was one, that “monitored her heart rate.”

The mum continued: “I then provided paragraphs on different topics, also ‘witching hour’, because my parents who had two kids needed to know and learn about ‘witching hour.’”

The mum broke down laughing talking about the end of the guide: a frequently asked questions section.

She laughed: “I cannot believe I wrote these, the amount of time this would have taken for me to write this four-page doc. 

“I am so sorry.”

Her clip has racked up over 6,000 likes, and people were quick to chime in.

One said: “This is how postpartum anxiety looks like. I was the same. I kind of want this paper for the next kid I have. it probably made you feel safe and heard.”

Charli responded: “Totally! Looking back I definitely had anxiety.”

Another said: “Saying ‘avoid getting water in her eyes as this confuses her’ ahahaha.”

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And a third commented: “the way my parents would completely disregard this.”

Charli joked: “Pretty sure they didn’t even read it.”

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