The honeymoon destinations that lead to most divorces – and the safest bets

COUPLES who want to stay together after their honeymoon should avoid the Maldives, and instead opt for Thailand or Cancun.

New data reveals 20 per cent of couples who got divorced chose the luxurious Maldives for their honeymoon.

The study, conducted by asked 3,100 people who were either divorced or separated, where they chose to go on holiday after their wedding.

The Maldives topped the list with 620 (20 per cent) ending up divorced, followed by Marrakech in Morocco with 527 (17 per cent) split up and Bora Bora (13 per cent).

Instead, your best bet is to head to California or to Thailand – both Napa Valley and Bangkok had just one per cent of people split (31 divorced each).

Cancun in Mexico was also low, with just three per cent splitting after honeymooning at the popular holiday resort.

Top honeymoon destinations which ended in divorce

  1. The Maldives – 20% (620 people)
  2. Marrakech – 17% (527 people)
  3. Bora Bora – 13% (403 people)
  4. Bali – 10% (310 people)
  5. Mauritius – 8% (248 people)
  6. Lapland – 7% (217 people)
  7. Santorini – 5% (155 people)
  8. Venice – 5% (155 people)
  9. Dubrovnik – 4% (124 people)
  10. Buenos Aires – 4.00%124 people)
  11. Cancun – 3% (93 people)
  12. Bangkok – 1.% (31 people)
  13. Napa Valley – 1% (31 people)
  14. Maui – 1% (31 people)
  15. Nairobi – 1% (31 people)

A UK staycation holiday may be the better option, with Britain not making the list at all.

Popular European destinations including Santorini in Greece, Venice in Rome and Dubrovnik in Croatia all made the list.

Some newly married couples are shunning the tradition of the honeymoon and are going on holiday without each other instead in a bizarre new trend.

Known as 'solomoons', a rising number of married couples are opting to go to different locations from one another for their trip.

If you want to risk the Maldives, you could opt for a year-long honeymoon with a resort package letting you stay all year for just £30pp, per night.

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort’s ‘Unlimited Stays in Paradise’ package lets guests book unlimited nights for a one-off fee. 

Otherwise, here are some of the honeymoon destinations favoured by the Royal Family for a regal trip away.

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