The Disney That Never Was: Haunted Mansion Resort Rooms At Walt Disney World [Opinion]

These rooms may not have had room for 1,000, but there would be plenty of volunteers.

The Walt Disney Company always has a lot of projects going and creative ideas in the works, but not everything that they imagine always ends up becoming a reality.

Some things end up being built and becoming amazing, while others projects just tend to fizzle out, and get swept under the rug. Then again, a lot of ideas are just rumors made up online, having nothing to do with official Disney business anyway. Unfortunately, the Haunted Mansion resort rooms were a true Disney idea that simply never happened.

Not many have heard of the Haunted Mansion rooms that never were.

Over at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, guests can enjoy life in a pirate-themed room — one which comes with a bed that looks like an old ship. At Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside, guests can hop right into a New Orleans fairytale with Princess Tiana in the “Royal Rooms,” which are extremely beautiful.

Disney’s Art of Animation has rooms themed after Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Cars, and The Little Mermaid. All of them are quite amazing and very unique, but none of them would have held a (floating) candelabra to rooms which would have been modeled after the iconic Haunted Mansion.

While not many people may have heard of these rooms, they were actually a lot closer to becoming a reality than some may think.

Pirate rooms became a real thing at Walt Disney World in 2010, and they were an instant hit with so many guests. After the themed rooms made their debut, some of the guests visiting the parks were sent a survey to see what kinds of other themed rooms they would like to have at the resort hotels.

In that survey, guests were shown concept art images and asked questions about “Princess/Royal Rooms,” “Wellness Suites,” and “Haunted Mansion Rooms.” As you can see in the image above, the Haunted Mansion rooms would have been extraordinary.

Descriptions from the survey brought forth some of the incredible details that would have been in the Haunted Mansion guest rooms.

  • Hitchhiking ghosts appearing in mirrors to “follow you home.”
  • “Floating” beds that looked liked DoomBuggies.
  • A sliding bookcase that would move to create a hidden passage to the vanity and restroom.
  • Haunted Mansion wallpaper bedspreads.
  • Glowing footprints that appeared on the ceiling.

The images above and below also show a great number of other details — such as the gargoyle light sconces above the beds, a Madame Leota table, and even a very familiar looking chair.

After Disney received enough information from that survey, it ended up disappearing. In early 2012, Port Orleans Riverside had numerous rooms transformed into “Royal Rooms.” The wellness suites — and Haunted Mansion rooms — simply didn’t appear to win the battle.

Not everything that is suggested or proposed by Disney will become a reality. Remember the fourth luxury on-site hotel that was officially announced to be built at Disneyland? Even with plans in place — and a major announcement made — the entire project was recently scrapped due to issues with the city of Anaheim, as the Los Angeles Times had reported.

If Walt Disney World created every idea that ever came down the pipeline, they’d never stop building. Some things just won’t make it — and that’s alright — but some of the really creative ideas falling to the wayside is unfortunate.

In the case of an old survey from 2010, the Haunted Mansion-themed resort rooms could have possibly become a real thing — and likely would have been impressive — but the royal stature of the princesses won out.

We’re still waiting on that Haunted Mansion restaurant too, as detailed by the Inquisitr, but don’t hold your breath.

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