Plane passenger spotted sleeping UNDER his seat in bizarre position that’s leaving people disgusted – The Sun

A PASSENGER left their fellow travellers horrified after lying underneath the seats of a plane to sleep during a flight.

The man was on his back underneath his aisle seat, with his head behind and legs stretched out in front on the floor.

The passenger was spotted and shared on Instagram account Passenger Shaming, which regularly shows the most badly behaved passengers.

Other social media users were disgusted by the man's unusual sleeping position.

One person wrote: "I’ve literally seen a bottle of urine spill all over the floor during takeoff, too many projectile vomiters to count, and God knows what else spilled on that floor. Not to mention everyone’s nasty airport/airplane feet."

Another person added: "I’ve wanted to lay out on flights but I still wouldn’t get on that nasty ass floor, unless I needed CPR!"

A different Instagram user said: "This is so nuts."

Others claimed: "Oh, hell no. There’s not enough bleach in the world for that human after lying on that floor."

Some people thought it was a great idea.

One person commented: "Damn I never even considered this. Visionary."

Others said: "Points for creativity. I want to see a video of how they got under there and how they get out when everyone stands when the plane lands."

It isn't the first time a passenger slept on the dirty floor – a couple were spotted on a flight as one slept on a row of seats while the other slept in the footwell next to them.

Other awful passenger behaviour includes drying underwear on the back of a seat and leaving a potty full of pee in the aisle of a plane.

Another woman decided to give herself a pedicure during the flight.

She was spotted using a foot file and scraping off the dead skin on her feet.

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