Inside the dreamy castle you can book from £22pp a night for a fairytale stay

Tucked away amidst rolling green hills sits the Llaés castle , a stunning medieval castle steeped in thousands of years of history.

But it's not a landmark or museum – it's a real-life castle you can actually hire for a holiday.

Located in Ripollès, Catalonia, the breathtaking castle has everything you need to feel like you're in a fairytale; a huge courtyard, a remote location, antique furniture, stone interiors and even its very own chapel.

Then there are the surroundings; think sweeping landscapes filled with dense green valleys and mountains, waterfalls and even mysterious caves.

However, guests won't be having to live like those in the medieval times.

The castle's 'Tower of Homage' has been renovated and transformed into a chic apartment that can host up to 10 guests.

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It comes with a fully equipped kitchen, hot water and heating, six bathrooms and five cosy double bedrooms, all of which are decorated to stick to the medieval theme.

In fact, all of the rooms look like something straight out of a film set thanks to the eye-catching decor, antique furniture and interiors boasting stone and wood.

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The best bit is that you won't need a royal budget to stay in the castle. In fact, prices start from £229 a night on Airbnb , with a minimum of two nights' stays.

So if there are 10 of you staying, that's just £22.90pp a night!

The hosts are also on hand to give you tours of the natural landscape, or even offer a tour of the castle itself so you can learn more about its fascinating history.

If you're on a budget or don't have the annual leave for a trip abroad, that doesn't mean you can't live like royalty.

In fact, we've searched out some of the amazing castles in the UK you can hire for holidays, with prices starting from £27pp a night, so you can have your very own fairytale-esque getaway.

Or, for something extra special, you could even stay in the Royal Suite at one of the castles used for filming The Crown .

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