How long is Southend Pier, is Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty's cafe there and can you travel there by train?

The two cook meals in their end-of-the-pier café in Southend but can you visit the cafe in the show and where is it exactly?

How long is Southend Pier?

Southend Pier is one of the most prominent landmarks in Southend-on-Sea in Essex.

The Grade II listed pier is said to be the longest pleasure pier in the world, stretching 1.34 miles into the Thames Estuary.

The pier was first opened in 1830, and was replaced by an iron structure in 1889.

Popularity for the seaside resort boomed in the early 19th century, with Londoners who wishes to escape the city for a weekend.

Is there a train at Southend Pier?

Southend Pier Railway provides passenger transport from the shore to the pier head.

According to the website, trains run on the hour and half past from the shore end of the pier, and at quarter past and quarter to from the pier head.

The line is owned by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and is open every day the pier is open.

Do Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty have a cafe at Southend Pier?

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty use a café at Southend Pier for the filming of their Channel 4 show Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast.

The building in which Jamie Oliver films his TV show is used in the summer months as a stand for hot drinks and ice cream.

The General Manager at Southend Pier confirmed on TripAdvisor: "Jamie and Jimmy's café is a film set so is only used when they are filming."

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast returns for a sixth series on Friday, December 7 at 8pm on Channel 4.

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