Flight attendant reveals alphabet foot technique to keep active during long-haul flights and prevent DVT

Some passengers may find it hard to get up and walk around the plane, especially if they are boxed into a window seat on a busy flight.

However there is a clever foot trick using the alphabet which can keep the blood flowing during a flight if unable to stand regularly.

Emirates flight attendant Lauren Guilfoyle spoke to Reader's Digest to explain how the technique worked.

She said: "Motion each letter of the alphabet with your foot to get the blood flowing and avoid ankle swelling."

This is important especially on long flights as DVT can be caused by staying inactive for long period of time without doing any leg exercises.

Lauren continued: "[These] circulatory exercises will keep your cheeks looking rosy and make you look more awake when you step off the plane."

Passengers should also make sure to drink lots of water and wear compression socks during long flights to reduce swelling.

Some of her other pieces of advice for travelling include changing your watch to the time of the destination and using rose water sprays to keep your face refreshed.

A Bloody Mary should be avoided during a flight, according to an American Airlines flight attendant.

Andrea Song told Escape they make legs swell during a flight due to the combination of the high-sodium content and the tomato juice.

Passengers may not realise they can get DVT months after flying.

Symptoms to look out for include tenderness in the area such as the calf, swollen and painful legs and discolouration.

Dr Sarah Brewer, medical director of Healthspan, told Sun Online: "Reduced oxygen saturation in the cabin, dehydration and reduced cabin pressure cause fluid to leak from the circulation into the lower legs, causing swelling."


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