Zara Tindall announces ‘hidden talent’ fundraiser for brave NHS staff fighting coronavirus

Royal Family member Zara Tindall explained her Equestrian Relief will help boost the amount of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS workers. She told BBC Breakfast that a team of equestrian stars and celebrities will raise money by engaging in a series of light-hearted tasks, while in teams, in a bid to support the NHS. This comes after the Queen made a heartfelt plea to the UK and the Commonwealth to come together in the fight against coronavirus.


Ms Tindall said: “We are going to an Equestrian Relief.

“There will be five teams of us doing five tasks and we do two tasks each.

“The tasks are running five kilometres, a plank, bake-off, a piece of art and a hidden talent.”

Ms Tindall was then asked what her hidden talent was.

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She laughed and replied: “I’m not actually doing that task, I am doing the plank and the art and I am so not arty at all.

“It has been really fun and we have a great team together.

“We are really looking forward to trying to help in a small way and give back to the NHS.

“They are really keeping this country together and working the absolute hardest under really trying times and ultimately putting their lives on the line.”

The equestrian Olympian was asked for greater detail on how this relief wanted to help the NHS during the coronavirus crisis.

Ms Tindall answered: “Hopefully we are going into a fund where it is going directly to the nurses on the frontline.

“This is so they can get everything that they need to have, the personal protection gear is very much something that they need every day.

“Everybody needs it so hopefully we can help towards that.”

On Sunday night at 8pm the Queen spoke to the UK and the Commonwealth addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

The Queen recorded the speech earlier in the week and was asked by the Government to address the nation.

The monarch proclaimed life would return to normal eventually and right now was a time for unity, self-discipline and prayer in the face of this relentless health crisis. 

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