Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a look at what’s happening in the stars rn: Tonight, the Moon is in sensual Scorpio (perfect for the sexiest holiday of the year), then enters upbeat, jovial Sagittarius tomorrow. On Sunday, Mars, the planet of action and energy, moves into determined, headstrong Capricorn. Oh, and Mercury Retrograde starts on Sunday. Casual! On Tuesday, Pisces season begins. On Thursday, a transit that’s been building up for weeks—Jupiter sextile Neptune—goes exact. As expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune team up, you’ll be feeling more optimistic, confident, and generous. Despite Mercury Retrograde, these pleasant vibes will last for another week.

Okay, so what does that all mean for you?


Tonight’s vibe is making you feel super-hot and bothered, so getting it on with your boo (or having a V-Day fling) makes for a completely unforgettable experience. The start of your weekend is definitely sexy, but when Mercury goes retrograde and Mars enters Capricorn on Sunday, your life gets way more stressful. Not only are there miscommunications galore (thanks Mercury!), but Mars’ influence is making your work life your top priority. Basically, make the most of tonight’s sexy astro weather, because you’re waaaaay less likely to get lucky for the next few weeks.


If you’re boo’d up, tonight’s the best V-Day ever, and the rest of the weekend is full of intimate, sexy moments with your partner. If you’re single and can’t find anyone cute to hook up with, though, you’re feeling really lonely. Try to hang out with your other single friends—you’ll have tons of fun with them. And single or not, as the week progresses, your friends become a way bigger part of your life because Mars in Capricorn is highlighting your chart’s adventure zone and Pisces season’s vibes are turning on your chart’s zone of social circles. Even though this puts your love life on the backburner for a bit, you’re still having a great time with your crew—plus, if you’re single, one of those pals could become a FWB.


Sorry, boo: the Scorpio Moon tonight is sort of shitting on your Valentine’s Day because it’s lighting up your chart’s zone of work—gross. You might want to rain check your V-Day date for tomorrow or Sunday, because the Sagittarius Moon for the rest of the weekend activates your chart’s relationships zone. When Mars enters Capricorn, your chart’s intimacy zone is set on fire—this means that sex is way hotter, and you’re feeling more confident in the bedroom, too. If you’re single and just looking for a fling, be careful—Mars in Capricorn basically guarantees you’ll catch major feels for your NSA hookup.


You can literally feel love in the air tonight, Cancer, thanks to the Scorpio Moon activating your chart’s zone of romance/sex/fun—it’s the perfect astro weather for Valentine’s Day. Your weekend is starting off pretty great, but once the Moon flies into Sagittarius on Saturday, work becomes your top priority for the rest of the weekend. The Jupiter/Neptune sextile at the end of the week indicates big (good-big!) changes in your love life. You’re introducing something or someone new, and a major relationship upgrade (like moving in together or talking about marriage) is likely to happen soon.


Tonight’s perfect for snuggling up with your boo and having The Dreamiest, Most Romantic V-Day of All Time. But if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably just getting deeeeep in your feelings if you’re not spending time with anyone. Take a little catnap and relax tonight, because starting tomorrow, your mood becomes waaay more upbeat and optimistic. Mercury Retrograde is happening in your chart’s zone of intimacy, so if you’re boo’d up, you can expect the retrograde to bring up tons of dramz with your partner. If you’re single, you don’t have to worry quite as much, but you can expect an ex or two make a surprise reappearance.


If you’re living the single life this V-Day, grab your phone and start swiping on aaallll the dating apps—the Scorpio Moon is making it way easier for you to connect with new people, so finding a fling is a breeze. Mars enters Capricorn on Sunday, lighting a fire in your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone and turning up the heat in the bedroom. That sounds great at first, but with Mercury Retrograde stirring up trouble in your chart’s relationships zone, there’s going to be extra drama accompanying the extra action in your love life for the next few weeks.


Your ruling planet is Venus, which governs love, pleasure, and beauty, and you’re literally the sign of relationships. Sooo Valentine’s Day is a pretty major holiday for your sign, right? Sry, I have bad news, bb: This V-Day weekend isn’t looking too hot. Saturday could be good to spend time with your boo or have *wiggles eyebrows* with your FWB, but the rest of the week is all about work, work, work. NGL, you’re feeling pretty exhausted with this astro-weather, so whenever you’re not clocked in, you’d rather curl up in bed than do anything else.


Whether you’re single or taken this Valentine’s Day, you have a much easier time opening up and connecting with someone. You’re having a more intimate, sensual time with your S.O. if you’re in a relationship, and if you’re single, you’re able to feel major, major chemistry with a date or hookup. Pisces season’s vibes turn on your chart’s zone of romance/sex/fun, but Mercury Retrograde is stirring up trouble in that same section for the next few weeks. Relationship drama is incoming, but try to be patient and understanding and you’ll navigate the retrograde just fine. Also, just a heads up: You can expect to hear from an ex during this retrograde, too. Just block ‘em and move on.


Tonight’s Scorpio Moon has you suuuuuper deep in your feelings, Sagittarius. Whether you’re boo’d up or not, you’re feeling introverted and probably want to just spend time alone. Don’t worry, though—when the Moon enters your sign on Saturday, you’re feeling like your usual self and you can have fun with your boo/hookup without a problem. Once Pisces season starts, life slows down, and you’re back to feeling like you need major time alone. The next month is a relatively quiet one for you, and you’re not getting too much action, unfortunately. Think of it as a time to relax and recharge so you can be fully prepared to party it up when Aries season comes around.


Tonight’s astro weather is making it easier to connect with others, in and out of the bedroom. Whether you’re getting it on with your boo, looking for a hookup, or trying to turn a friend into a FWB, the stars are totally supporting you. Mars entering your sign is the start of a six-week period where you can expect your confidence and libido to shoot sky-high, and Pisces season is a month where making new connections happens without a hitch. TL;DR: Getting lucky is waaay easier right now—have fun!


It’s a pretty great weekend for you, Aquarius! If you’re boo’d up, you’re having a great time with your partner, and if you’re single, you’re too busy having fun with your other single friends to feel sorry for yourself for not having a V-Day date. Once Mars enters Capricorn, however, life begins to slow way down. Mars is activating your chart’s zone of isolation and endings for the next few weeks, so if you’re in a relationship that’s nearing its expiration date, you might let it go now. If you’re single and ready to mingle, sorry pal, but you’re not likely to find a new paramour any time soon.


Try something (or someone) new in bed tonight, Pisces. The Scorpio Moon is lighting up your chart’s adventure zone, so it’s perfect to play around and get a little wild. Whether that means pulling out a pair of handcuffs, using some sexy new toys, or inviting a third (or more) person into the mix for the evening, it’s a great night to experiment. Aquarius season is never easy for you, and although Pisces season starting on Tuesday helps you feel like yourself again, Mercury Retrograde is happening in your sign now. Try to enjoy your birthday season despite the retrograde madness—just don’t hit up your ex and you’ll be fine.

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