Workout Rest Days Are Not Just For Your Body

It is vital to take days off from your workout, but the rest days are not just for the health of your body.

According to Shape, taking a rest day is as much about resting your mental health, as it is your physical health. The mind needs time to recharge, as does the body and these two go hand in hand. A day of rest does not mean that you have to sit on your couch and do nothing, rather, you should do something that makes you feel relaxed so that you can refuel.

One known fact is that more exercise is not better for the body. Research indicates that the body should get one to two days of rest from working out to prevent injury and endure the maximum benefits. The same can be said for the mind, keeping it too stimulated can lead to burnout. When you get burned out, it can affect every single aspect of your life.

What does it mean to take a rest day? Well, the purpose is to let both your body and mind rest at the same time. However, as mentioned above that can mean different things to different people. Some people cannot sit still for the life of them, so a day of binge-watching Netflix might not be ideal. Others may feel that taking a stroll in nature is the best form of rest.

The most important thing to remember for both physical and mental rest is relaxation and stimulation. Yes, a leisurely walk is excellent if that is how you shut off your mind as long as you are not over excreting your body. Regarding electronics, remember surfing the Internet or being on social media may seem like a great way to rest but those do stimulate your brain, so it is not really that restful.

Rest is not just about taking time off from physical activity; the brain needs rest from stimulation as well. Figure out what form of rest works for you and make time to do it. There are 24 hours in a day. You can find two hours a week to chill out both your mental and physical health depend on it.

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