Woman Jumps Into A Frozen Lake And Fractures Her Ankle In Russia

A young woman in Russia felt adventurous and took a running jump into a frozen lake, but instead of experiencing an adrenaline rush because of the cold water, she broke her ankle.

In a recent footage that went viral across the Internet, the unidentified woman is featured stripping to a bra and a g-string and throwing her hat away before merrily running across a boardwalk towards a lake.

Per a report by the Daily Mail, the woman tried to leap into the water in a “bomb” position by holding her hands under her knees. She expected to dive into the water and underestimated the hardness of the ice that coated the stretch of water.

Unfortunately, however, the adventure came to an abrupt end as the woman slammed into the rock-hard ice with a loud bang as heard in the video clip and slid across the surface.

Per the report, the man who was filming the footage burst into laughter before rushing over to the woman. The shocked woman regained her posture on the slippery surface and managed to stumble back to the boardwalk.

As the video clip shows, the woman can be heard wincing in pain while walking toward the boardwalk to take a seat. The woman, later on, posted a picture of her heavily-bandaged left ankle.


According to a Daily Mirror report, the footage was reportedly filmed in Balashikha to the east of Moscow in Russia. The report further detailed that it is not unusual for people to jump into ice-cold lakes in Russia and added that the practice usually takes place in January “as part of the New Year and Epiphany celebration.”

“The age-old ritual commemorates the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River which the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates on January 19, in the middle of the Russian winter,” the report said.

On social media, people reacted to the video in different ways. While some of them sympathized with the girl and criticized the man filming the video for laughing at the woman, others thought that it served her right.

“Not funny. The guy was really stupid. The girl could have been badly injured. She is not very bright. She could have frozen in such cold water,” one person commented on the Live Leak video.

“Ugh. The pretty [girls] are always crazy,” wrote another one. While others thought that she learned a lesson because of her “stupid antics.”

“Luckily, she didn’t break her skull. Might have knocked some sense into her.”

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