Woman gets ‘creepy’ and upsetting text from man she had sex with

A woman has asked for advice after receiving an unpleasant message from a man she went on a date with.

Calling herself WigglyBraddins, she posted on Mumsnet about what a "gentleman" she’d had a "recent liaison" with said to her – and it’s sparked fury.

He wrote to her: "Urgh, this is horrible for me, and for you, and it could well sour things and I would hate myself if it did

"But, I have to be honest. I said you were not my normal type, physically, and that is very true. I am really attracted to slim women. I can’t help it and have tried before, with it not getting very far."

The man went on to say he hated the idea of men dictating to women what they should look like, and said he wasn’t telling her to do anything about it. But he totally was.

"If you did feel like meeting me in the middle on this then I am realistic and not as demanding as you might initially think," he added.

"Urgh, I am so sorry, I know how this issue can really f*** women up, but as I say, I can’t help what I like, but I am super realistic about what is possible and what is not. Urgh urgh."

Urgh indeed.

The post received over 600 replies from people slamming the man as "rude", a "c**kwomble", "creepy" and "pathetic".

The woman asked for suggestions for an appropriate response to the body-shaming man.

Loads of people thought he wasn’t worth responding to, with one writing: "I am genuinely embarrassed for him – what a tosser!"

Some users suggested that she write something similar back to him, like: "Hey we all lower our personal standards occasionally. Well, I certainly did…"

Several women thought she should reply with a message along the same lines as his, but referring to the size of his penis.

"I am so glad you feel this way as, urgh, I have to be honest, I am really attracted to moderately or well endowed men, at least almost average,” read one reply.

"I can’t help it. I understand nature wasn’t exactly kind in this respect and understand if you are hurt by this."

The woman was inspired by the responses she received and took action.

"I ate cake while deleting the thread and blocking him," she wrote.

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