Woman began breastfeeding her neighbor's baby

Breastfeeding mother spent two weeks nursing her NEIGHBOR’S baby alongside her own after he suggested the mother of his child had walked out – only for her to discover the woman was still in the picture

  • An anonymous woman, from the US, revealed she breastfed her neighbor’s baby
  • Posting on Reddit, explained she was asked by the baby’s father to feed the child
  • Admitted to assuming the five-month-old’s mother wasn’t involved in their life
  • Responses agreed the father shouldn’t have asked her to breastfeed the baby  

A woman has told how she spent two weeks nursing her neighbor’s baby alongside her own after he suggested the mother of his child had walked out – only for her to discover she was still in the picture. 

The woman, 28, who is believed to be from the US, took to Reddit to explain that she was weaning her own two-year-old off breast milk when her new neighbor, who she assumed was separated from the mother of his child, asked her to also breastfeed his five-month-old baby.

She admitted to breastfeeding the child for around two weeks and sleeping with her neighbor, before the birth mother showed up and accused her of trying to destroy the bond she had with her baby.

Many responses to the post reassured the woman in question she hadn’t done anything wrong, while others argued she should’ve received permission from both parents before she agreed to breastfeeding.

An anonymous woman, believed to be from the US, has sparked a debate about whether it’s ever appropriate to breastfeed someone else’s baby (file image)

The woman wrote a lengthy post admitting her neighbor had avoided discussing where the baby’s birth mother was, and had initially asked her to breastfeed because he was cautious of using formula.

She penned: ‘I (28F) currently have a 2 year old who still breastfeeds and I’m trying to ween her off it. I recently just had a guy (30s M) move in next to me with a five month baby girl. 

‘When I asked about the baby’s mother, I assumed that she was out of the picture because he replied with “she’s not gonna be here.”‘ I offered to help him with moving in + anything else as casual neighborly friendliness and he took me up on it. 

‘I helped babysit and set up furniture. One day, after finding out I was still breastfeeding my daughter, he asked me if I could also breastfeed his kid because he was concerned about formula and wanted his kid to be strong.’

While the woman went on to say she thought it was ‘kinda weird,’ she agreed because she ‘took pity on him.’

‘He really didn’t seem to know what he was doing with the baby and I thought that maybe I could help at least somewhat,’ she continued. ‘So I breastfed his baby for about 2 weeks along with my kid. 

‘It wasn’t a lot and my neighbor and I started sleeping together. I made sure my 2 year old was distanced from this though and happened only during night time. I didn’t want her to feel neglected or replaced.’

The woman then went on to admit that her understanding of the mother not being in the picture was wrong. 

The woman told Reddit users that she was asked to breastfeed a five-month-old baby girl by her neighbour who she was sleeping with 

‘She showed up. I was taken aback because my neighbor shut down every conversation about this woman and had very vague answers,’ she continued. 

‘I didn’t bother him more about it because it seemed like a sour topic. They’re split but had some custody agreement that I don’t know the details to.

‘She found out about the breastfeeding and blew up at me. She said that I was a sick person to “let some random baby suck up my bodily fluids” and I wanted to destroy her bonding with the baby and alienate her from her baby. 

‘Even after I explained that I thought she wasn’t present, she said that something weird must be going on in my head because it doesn’t justify breastfeeding someone else’s baby and you should never do that. She said that there’s formula for a reason and what I did is unacceptable.’

However, people were quick to take to the comments section, with many reassuring the woman she hadn’t done anything wrong because she had the father’s permission.

‘NTA you were trying to help out a baby. The guy is an absolute AH and the mum should be mad at him, not you. If bonding really was that important to her then why wasn’t she around,’ wrote one.

A second penned: ‘NTA. You were asked by the father, you didn’t just take it upon yourself to do it. She’s blowing up at you because she is insecure I guess. If she was going to be mad it should at the father, not you. And he should’ve explained the situation better.’

Many responses to the post reassured the woman that she isn’t in the wrong because she had permission from the baby’s father 

However, others argued the woman shouldn’t have breastfed the baby without the consent of both parents, before highlighting possible health risks. 

One person wrote: ‘YTA you did not know this person well enough to breast feed his kid. Nor did you know any of the relationship dynamics, you just assumed. 

‘Replacing your two year old who should be weaned from the breast by now, with your neighbor’s infant is really messed up. Good grief, who can blame that poor mother with your bad decision making.’

Another commented: ‘YTA and so is the dad. The world is in the middle of a pandemic and he just asks his random stranger of a neighbor to breastfeed his infant. 

‘You also said that you were sleeping with him. Put yourself in the mother’s shoes. Think about what you would do if you found out your baby daddy is letting a girl he barely knows and is fooling around with breastfeed your kid.’  

Others argued the woman shouldn’t have breastfed the baby without having a better understanding of his relationship with the birth mother (pictured)

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