What do YOUR money habits say about your personality?

What do YOUR money habits say about you? Quiz reveals how your personality dictates whether you’re likely to save or splurge

  • A new quiz reveals what your spending habits say about your personality 
  • Lending company Zopa has devised a way to find your financial spirit animal   
  • So are you more of a risk taking kangaroo or a scrimping squirrel with money?

Whether you’re always saving for a rainy day, or look forward to treating yourself come payday, we all have our own unique spending habits.

But what does the way you save – or splurge – say about you?

Peer-to-peer lending company Zopa has created a quiz that allows users to discover their financial ‘spirit animal’. 

According to Zopa, we all fall within certain financial personality types; where some people might focus on saving towards a certain goal, others will alternate between periods of saving and spending. Some never save at all.

So are you a risk-taking kangaroo, or more of a scrimping squirrel? Scroll down to take the quiz and find out…  

A new quiz is designed to help you find out what your spending habits say about your personality (file photo)

1. If you received a sudden windfall what would you do with the money?

  • Spend it on a holiday (A) 
  • Put it into savings (B) 
  • Treat yourself/shopping spree (C)
  • Invest it (D) 

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2. Do you often spend money on friends and family?

  • Yes, I enjoy treating the people I love (E)
  • Sometimes (D)
  • No, I work hard for my money and spend it on myself (F)
  • No, but I would like to be able to (G)

3. You see £10 lying on the street. Do you:

  • Pocket it… it’s your lucky day! (F)
  • Pretend you didn’t see it (G)
  • Search around for the person who’s dropped it(A)
  • Give it to charity / a homeless person (E)

4. What does financial security mean to you?

  • Lack of worry (B)
  • Happiness (H)
  • Power (F)
  • Buying anything I want (C)

According to lending site Zopa each person has their own financial ‘spirit animal’ that can tell you how you view your finances, and whether you like to save or splurge

5. Do you know exactly how much money is in your bank account at any given time?

  • Yes, down to the last penny (F)
  • Yes, roughly (I)
  • No, I can’t bear to look (G)
  • No, and it doesn’t bother me not knowing (C) 

6. Do you consider yourself a risk taker?

  • Yes, taking risks is exciting (A)
  • Somewhere in between (D)
  • No, taking risks is terrifying (I) 

7) Do you discuss money matters with friends?

  • Yes, I like to be open about my financial situation (F)
  • Yes, but I find it uncomfortable (B)
  • No, there are better things to talk about (G)
  • No, my finances are my business (C) 

8) What do you do with your coppers?

  • Put them in the bin (H)
  • Keep them in a jar… forever (D)
  • Spend them (I)
  • Put them in a charity box (E) 

9) You’re running late for an event but you’re trying to save your money. Do you: 

  • Get the bus, it’s the cheapest way to travel but you’re going to be quite late (B)
  • Get the tube as normal, you’ll be a little late (I) 
  • Hail a cab, it’s just not worth being late (C) 


Mostly A: Kangaroo – You perceive money as a source of adventure and freedom and enjoy taking risks with your money 

Mostly B: Bongo – You consider that monitoring your finances is a source of control, therefore you tend to spend a lot of time keeping track of your financial situation 

Mostly C: Cassowary – You have never thought about a budget or had any luck with significant savings. You take pleasure in spending your money 

Mostly D: Squirrel – Hedonism is alien to you and you would rather make savings than spend money 

Mostly E: Chimp – You feel bad when in possession of a lot of money as such situations bring about a certain sense of guilt in you

Mostly F: Ferret – You regard money as a source of power, and therefore your ultimate goal is to continually increase your wealth

Mostly G: Ostrich – You don’t like managing your finances and try to avoid daily tasks about money 

Mostly H: Lion – You are prone to save for a while but are also susceptible to spend compulsively when affected by an external stimulus 

Mostly I: Dog – You choose security in your financial affairs above all else 


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