Ways To Tell If Your Chest Pain Is Mental Or Physical

Chest pain can be bad for business. However, it is hard to tell if the pain is physical or mental, as well as when you should seek medical attention.

Any kind of ache or pain in your chest is terrifying, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is seriously wrong. There are many instances when a person feels chest pain, and it is not physical at all. In some cases, it is mental. How can you tell the difference?

Thanks to Shape magazine there are tips that can help you tell if the pain is physical and an emergency room visit is necessary or if it is mental. If the ache beings shortly after a person has lifted or moved something substantial, then their pain is likely physical. It is actually pretty easy to strain a muscle or tendon, which will result in physical aching.

When there is a constant feeling of discomfort between the chin and lower belly the pain is physical. It is a vague description, but that is to show there are various causes from pulmonary embolism to acid reflux. Also, anyone who has asthma should assume the pain they feel is physical and immediately use an inhaler or see a doctor.

The most common physical pains occur when a person has been exerting him or herself too much. This pain is real, and a person should immediately rest if chest pain occurs If the pain persists then a doctor should be consulted.

Mental chest pains can be determined in a few different ways. If an overwhelming amount of panic accompanies the pain, then there the pain is not physical. In fact, many times chest pains happen during a panic attack.

When chest pain is fleeting and subsides over a short period of time, it is mental. The reason is that the pain is caused by anxiety or panic or even hyperventilating. Once a person gets through the attack, then the pain will go away. Now, that doesn’t mean the ache is any less concerning or real; it just means it is a trigger of something else.

Chest pain is no joke where it is mental or physical. The critical thing to remember is you know your body if you think you need a trip to the hospital then go, do not hesitate.

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