Waitrose: Why supermarket comes in cheaper than Tesco

Waitrose is a food supermarket in the UK and it is a well known fact that it also comes with an expensive price tag. Waitrose has a reputation of good quality produce but other supermarkets can make your money go further on a weekly shop. However Tesco may be more expensive than Waitrose on certain products according to a recent report.


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The cheapest place to pick up a basket of essential items is currently Asda, according to a recent Which? analysis.

This is the third time in a row that Asda has topped the table for the most affordable weekly shop.

Which? compared prices across more than 178 grocery items throughout the month of May and found that shoppers saved an average of around £15 compared to other supermarkets.

Customers grocery shop averaged at around £279.54, which is £14.64 less than if they were to shop at Morrisons.

Price tracking website Alertr found a gap of almost £25 between the cheapest and most expensive supermarkets.

Alertr co-founder Andy Barr said: “As it stands, it seems Asda is the best bet for lowest value, but who knows how this could change over the coming weeks.”

Lidl and Aldi weren’t included as customer shoppers couldn’t manage to find a full online shop for them due to how high their turnover of stock is.

Surprisingly, Ocado only worked out to be just £5 more expensive than Tesco on 43 everyday items.

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A trolley at Ocado cost £154.11 while a trolley at Tesco cost £149.49.

Ocado therefore may not be as expensive as you may think on everyday own brand items.

Ocado is Waitrose’s online delivery service which turned out to be more expensive than visiting Waitrose in-store.

However, what’s more is that visiting Waitrose rather than ordering online may actually be cheaper than Tesco.


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Visiting Waitrose in-store appeared to come in cheaper than Tesco, with a trolley cheaper by nearly £5.

Some people took their thoughts online to ask how an online delivery service can bump up the prices when you can get the same products in-store.

The price tracking website looked at the cost of items including eggs, milk and bread as well as pasta, rice and cereal.

To make sure the analysis was fair, it was own brand items which were analysed and used to compare to different supermarkets because branded items can come in a lot more expensive.

Looking at individual items, a packed of chicken breasts in Asda cost £3.40 while in Iceland the same pack costs £5.

Asda also came in the cheapest on a packet of frozen salmon fillets costing £3.30 compared to Sainsbury’s who priced them at £4.

This is how much the typical basket cost at the seven major supermarkets included in the study:

  • Asda – £129.66
  • Iceland – £134.16
  • Morrisons – £136.73
  • Sainsburys – £138.75
  • Waitrose – £145.75
  • Tesco – £149.49
  • Ocado – £154.11

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