Two women lock eyes on a train, later connect on Instagram, then fell in love

If you’re on a train, it’s impossible not to notice good looking people.

When commuters Lydia and Emma from Dublin locked eyes, they smiled sweetly at each other before Emma got off.

Feeling a connection with the stranger, Lydia lamented not chatting to the ‘beautiful blonde’ but luckily for her, Emma found her on Instagram and the pair connected.

At the time, Emma was engaged to a man which meant the duo could only stay friends.

But pretty soon, they couldn’t deny their chemistry and decided to get together. Now Lydia, originally from Kildare, Ireland, and Emma have moved in together and are ‘madly in love’.

Lydia told the story of how they came to be.

‘I was on a train to my best friend’s house, sitting on the carriage floor, slightly more tipsy than I’d care to admit,’ explained Lydia.

‘There was this beautiful blonde on my carriage, she’d caught my eye from the moment I sat down.

‘When she was getting off at her stop, I caught her look at me and smile, turned to my mate and was like “maaaaan did you see that? She definitely just gave me the look”.

‘Smug grin on my face, we continued our train journey. The next day I checked my phone and she had messaged me on Instagram.’

It turns out that the couple were already following each other on Twitter and Instagram, and this was the first time Emma had ever slid into someone’s DMs.

Lydia said: ‘Was it fate?’ I realised she was the girl who commented on one of my Instagram posts a few weeks before and I was delighted.’

They exchanged numbers and began chatting on Whatsapp, agreeing to meet up.

During their first date, though, Emma revealed that she was in a relationship with a man.

‘When she told me that face to face my heart broke,’ said Lydia.

‘We spent the whole day and night together until she had to catch her last train home. We went to a museum, got food and drinks, went on a walk. I thought I didn’t have a chance due to her fiancé but turns out I was wrong.’

‘After our not so date that was definitely a date, she wouldn’t reply to me for two days and that upset me a bit. I didn’t know if I’d completely messed it up or what was going on. Proper ghosted.

‘In reality, she wasn’t replying because she knew she had caught feelings and didn’t know what to do.

‘We continued to spend time together as friends but deep down we both knew we loved each other.

‘Emma will even admit that when she first met me she knew she wanted to be with me forever. Our relationship blossomed and shortly after we decided to become partners.’

Shortly after getting together, Lydia moved into Emma’s apartment.

‘We’ve had our ups and downs, worked through them all, even spent some time apart for a minute,’ said Lydia. ‘Right now we’re out for dinner and sharing some wings, madly in love and completely content.’

See, smiling at hot strangers does sometimes work out.

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