TV host claims she was almost kidnapped in Mexico City

The host of hit UK TV show “A Place In The Sun” has revealed she was almost kidnapped when a gang tried to throw her into a car in Mexico.

Danni Menzies, 30, was working as a model in Mexico City when she and a friend realized they were being followed.

She said two cars came “screeching up the road” toward the pair and people tried to “throw her” into the vehicle.

But Menzies was luckily able to get free and ran away.

She then returned to her apartment in the capital and found the locks on her front door had been removed. She has now opened up about the “terrifying” experience.

Menzies was so scared, she armed herself with a pair of scissors in her room and said she was a “walking beacon” because she is a “blonde and 5 foot 10 inches.”

She told the Daily Record: “One had driven past and reversed up to us and another came around the corner from the other direction.”

“They threw open a car door and they tried to throw me into one of the cars. I managed to get free and we just ran.”

Menzies added: “It was terrifying. I spent the last night in Mexico City with my suitcase pushed up against the door and a pair of scissors in my hand.”

“Because I am 5 foot 10 inches and blonde, I was like a walking beacon in Mexico City, which is by far the most dangerous place I have ever traveled to.”

Menzies opened up about her battle with depression after the death of a friend and suffering a horrid accident on a bucking bronco.

Speaking about a harrowing period of her life, Menzies said: “I had an accident and someone from my childhood passed away, I think the trauma of both those things had a knock-on effect.”

“When I was studying at [college], I bounced my face into a metal stage from a bucking bronco — I was sober at the time so it really was pretty bad.”

“You could see the bone on my nose in two places and my eyes swelled up quite a lot, it was quite nasty.”

“It was a long process to get over but eventually I tried NLP therapy which really helped me. When I did that, I felt like I came out the other side of things.”

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