Turkey Twizzlers are back 15 years after Jamie Oliver got them banned – but which retro foods do YOU want to return?

WHEN Turkey Twizzlers fell victim to Jamie Oliver's healthy eating campaign, in 2005, not everyone rejoiced.

The corkscrew treats – condemned as fatty processed foods – were greatly missed by nostalgic food fans who even launched a petition, two years ago, to bring them back.

This week Bernard Matthews announced it was relaunching their all new Turkey Twizzlers, with 70 per cent turkey, compared to the prevous 34 per cent, and less fat.

But they're not the only snacks we remember fondly from our childhood days.

From Dorito 3Dsand Monster Munch that turned your tongue blue, to Toffos and even Baked Bean Pizza, there is many a retro brand or flavour we would love to see back on our shelves.

Take our fun poll to let us know the discontinued food you'd like to see making a comeback.


Prawn Cocktail Wotsits

There's nothing wrong with cheesy Wotsits of course but the tangy prawn cocktail equivalent was a huge hit with crisp fans too.

After a petition in 2018 garnered 3,500 signatures, though, Walkers said they had no plans to relaunch them.

Doritos 3D

Three times the crunch, these tasty pyramids came in Zesty Ranch, Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño Cheddar flavours and were introduced in 1998.

Sadly, they faded out in the early 2000s.

Ready Salted Chipsticks

The crunchy little sticks of maize and potato delight used to come in two flavours but curiously only the salt and vinegar is now available.

Facebook groups and petitions have so far failed to convince Smiths.

Monster Munch Blue 

The pickled onion flavoured monsters looked like the normal variety but turned your tongue a deep shade of blue.

Pretty sure they weren't healthy but they were a lot of fun.

Bovril Crisps

Beef extract lovers have fond memories of the classic Smiths flavour.

Vegetarians not so much.


Cadbury’s Snaps

Like Pringles, only chocolate. What's not to love

Cadbury’s Dream bars

The white chocolate bar from Cadbury's was launched in the UK in 2002, but was discontinued last year.

It's still available in Australia.

Cabana bars

Rowntree's mix of caramel, coconut, and cherry encased in milk chocolate was discontinued in the early 1990s.

But many still mourn it's passing.

Toffee Treets

Mars' Treets came in peanut, toffee and chocolate but in the 1980s, they were dropped in favour of M&Ms and Minstrels.

Peanut Treets recently made a comeback but Toffee Treets are still a distant memory.

Echo bar

This cream-filled biscuit came in five different flavours including milk chocolate, mint, caramel crunch, orange and hazelnut.

Every one as delicious as the last.



The fruit flavoured boiled sweet was a favourite from the 1950s to the 1980s and, in 2009, topped a poll as the brand the UK public would most like to see return.


Back in the 1990s these toffee treats were found in a sticky mess at the bottom of every schoolbag in the UK.

They came in classic, mint and assorted flavours.


Cadbury's cosmic bites were like smarties on the outside and biscuit in the inside.

Stellar stuff.

Space Dust 

Space dust was an odd powder which exploded in your mouth and crackled on your tongue.

Whatever chemical reaction was going on it can't have been healthy but kids loved it.

Extra Thin Ice Sheets

Chewing gum company Wrigley's went rogue with the melt-in-your-mouth sheets that gave you minty fresh breath.

But traditional gum won the battle for shelf room.

Savoury Snacks

McCain’s Pizza Pockets

These oblong pockets of cheese and pizza toppings were a take on the Italian calzone only more convenient.

Bet many a burnt tongue was caused by the lava-hot filling.

Heinz Baked Bean Pizza

This legendary combo brought together two of the UK's favourite foods – pizza and Heinz Baked Beans.

Turns out it wasn't a match made in heaven.

Chicken Curry Pot Rice

While the king of instant noodles – and its rice equivalent – is still filling the stomachs of students everywhere, many mourn the loss of this original Pot Rice flavour.

Pizza Cheestrings

The rubbery lunchbox snack was briefly available in a pizza flavour but it has long since disappeared from our fridges.

Barbecue Peperami

It's a bit of an animal, as the ad famously says, but this time with a barbecueflavouring.


Panda Pops

The fluorescent fizzy drink was absolutely beloved by British children for its crazy colour and sugary taste.

But after 35 years as the king of primary school disco beverages, soft drinks manufacturer Nichols announced it was axing Panda Pops in 2011 after outcry from health campaigners.

Turbo Tango

If you're thirsty but can't be bothered to tilt a bottle, Turbo Tango is the drink for you.

It was the world's first aerosol-powered soft drink, which sprayed an orange foamy liquid into your mouth like a can of deodorant.

A petition with over 5,500 signatures demands the bizarre beverage be brought back, but so far Britvic hasn't budged.


Quatro was green, canned, fruit-flavoured fizzy drink sold in the UK in the 1980s.

It is still manufactured and sold in South American countries including Argentina, Chile and Colombia.


Squeezit was a fruity juice that came in a squeezy plastic bottle, hence the name.

It first hit the shelves in the 1980s but was initially killed off in 2001. Since then, it's been brought back in 2006, 2011, and 2012, but it currently remains confined in the fridge of history.

Diet Coke Lemon

One of Coke's many variations on its classic drink, Diet Coke with Lemon was discontinued in the UK in 2006.

It was reintroduced to Finland last year, so a British comeback may not be completely out of the question

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