The Range bans under 18s from shopping in stores on their own

The Range has banned children from shopping unaccompanied its all its stores.

The retailer, which sells products in home, garden, and leisure categories, has decided the drastic move will ensure a pleasant in-store experience" in all of its 160 branches.

But it has already caused a backlash across the country, Birmingham Live says.

Two 17-year-olds were allegedly thrown out a shop in Wales after going in to buy "Christmas presents with their wages".

One of their mums fumed in the aftermath and insisted the boys were "not trouble-makers".

She contacted the store to complain.

And online, more angry parents shared their fury.

One wrote: "What? "You can drive a car at 17 but not go to The Range to buy a present?

"Shame on the store…plenty of other shops available."

But billionaire business mogul Chris Dawson, who heads the empire, insists the decision will benefit customers.

He said signs throughout the shops let customers know under 18s are not allowed without adults.

The move follows Frankie and Benny’s controversial call to ban customers from using mobile phones at the table.

What do you think about The Range’s decision to ban under 18s?


A spokesman for The Range said: "Our customers are our priority and it is important to us that they enjoy their visits to The Range.

"Our policy requiring under 18s to visit stores with an accompanying adult is intended to ensure a pleasant in-store experience for the majority and similar policies are utilised by a number of different retailers."

The Range started in 1980 as an open-air market in Plymouth, Devon.

But it has since grown to become a hugely popular chain with stores across the nation.

It employs more than 11,000 people.

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