The Queen Sent a Scathing Note to Her Chef After Finding a Surprise in Her Meal

If you ever have the pleasure of hosting Her Majesty the Queen for dinner at your house, please note that she has no interest in eating snails so DON’T EVEN TRY.

According to former royal servant Charles Oliver’s book Dinner at Buckingham Palace, the Queen was less than thrilled to find a slug in one of her meals, and dragged the chef via a scathing note. Because, yup, turns out the Queen and Prince Philip get a notebook at every meal, where they can send feedback about their food. Like their own personal Yelp!

“Once, on a torn-off top sheet the footmen found the dead body of a slug,” Charles recalls, adding that Her Majesty had written “I found this in the salad—could you eat it?” alongside the deceased critter.

Wow @ the Queen being the ACTUAL Queen of shade.

Anyway, Charles adds that “Mostly, the book remains blank, as the Queen is not fussy about food. However, when she has a guest to an informal lunch and they reveal definite likes and dislikes—such as an objection to fried potatoes or Brussels sprouts—the Queen will make a discreet note for future reference. This is duly recorded by the kitchen and remembered, should the guest come again.”

Cool, cool, cool, good to know the Queen will meet my demands for Hot Cheetos when I eventually get invited to Buckingham Palace.

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