The Meghan Markle Way To Style A Living Room

High street dupes for all the homeware pieces we spotted in her America’s Got Talent vid.

This week, Meghan Markle gave fans a glimpse into her unsurprisingly chic home, which she shares with her husband Prince Harry and their young son Archie. Meghan sent a video message to singer Archie Williams, who was appearing on America’s Got Talent, after being wrongfully incarcerated for an unimaginable 36 years. And while her message was heartfelt and important, her stunning living room also garnered attention. Here’s how to replicate Meghan Markle’s ultra-chic living room, with bits and pieces collected from the high street.

Markle’s living room — which is part of the house she shares with Harry that is thought to be worth $14 million — has a notably understated feel to it, with cream and black as the primary colour schemes. The room is decorated to look cosy yet very elegant, with a bouquet of hydrangeas, stoneware candle holders, some subtle cushions, and a touch of Diptyque.

I’ve found some great high street dupes for everything in Markle’s living room, so you can make your space just as sophisticated as hers. Here’s everything you will need…

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Every sofa needs a tassle or two to add an edge to its soft furnishings; these covers are ideal.

Mix up the shapes and sizes of your cushions like Meghan by combining some rectangle covers with square ones.

Hydrangeas are notoriously pricey, so why not invest in some dried ones that will last much longer?!

This vase is super versatile and will look great with any type of flower, fresh or dried.

Meghan likes a Tuberose candle, but my fave is Baies. Whichever you choose, it’s worth the £££.

Not got money for expensive branded candles? Pick up some simple pillar candles and pop them in cool holders.

Give your home a rustic feel with some stone textures.

This book will leave you feeling inspired, and will also look great on your coffee table.

Markle has an Annie Leibovitz book on her own shelf, and if it’s good enough for Meghan…

This is one of the exact books in the photo, meaning it has the Markle stamp of approval.

Instead of investing in one big art print, get a trio to hang above your sofa.

Yes this may be pricey, but trust me, you’ll want it around forever.

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