The Boys: If You Think Homelander Is Scary On-Screen, You Should See What He Does In The Comics

Homelander committed some despicable acts in season two of The Boys, but if the comics are anything to go by, the worst is still to come.

Season two of The Boys has come to an end leaving those of us addicted to the twisted superhero show waiting an indefinite amount of time for season three. Amazon has renewed the very popular show for a third season, but with numerous projects delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s no telling how long we might have to wait for new episodes.

This should probably go without saying, but anyone who is yet to finish season two of The Boys might want to look away now. This article will contain some pretty major spoilers. Now onto Homelander. The Seven’s leader has had a mixed season. He has been bonding with his son and lands himself a new girlfriend. However, he then loses his son right after he murders his new girlfriend in the season finale. Swing and roundabouts, right?

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Homelander committed a few more unspeakable acts this season, including popping a guy’s head while getting intimate with Stormfront. However, one of the worst things Homelander has ever done is yet to make the small screen. It happens in The Boys comic books and even though it isn’t his most violent act, it is almost definitely his most senseless.

A family of adoring Homelander fans win the opportunity to have dinner with the supe at religious convention, Believe. Homelander picks up the family’s car with them inside and flies them as high into the sky as he possibly can. As the family, which includes two young children, tries to stay calm as they slowly freeze to death, Homelander mutters some incredibly racist comments before dropping the car, subjecting the four people inside to certain death.

Like we said, not the most violent thing Homelander has ever done, but an act that didn’t need to happen. He had no reason to kill an innocent family other than he felt like it. We also haven’t seen much of Homelander’s racist side on-screen so far. Stormfront used up all the racist in season two. Now that she has been taken care of by Homelander Jr., perhaps The Seven’s leader will take up that unfortunate mantle.

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