teamLab Leaks Details of Immersive Club "Master" in Shanghai

teamLab has unveiled details of its upcoming project in Shanghai. The Japanese digital art collective is taking up two floors in Shanghai’s TX Huaihai building, launching its very first nightlife concept called “Master.”

The venue will offer an immersive experience enlivened by “3-D objects” that “wrap around the body of people in the space,” a concept which teamLab is calling Shower³. “In this space, ‘master,’ ‘medium,’ ‘modern,’ ‘music’ — all young, trendy and cultural energies will be connected to the M series,” noted teamLab in a press release. The art collective is also calling the new exhibition a “new social entertainment model.” Specific details of the upcoming installation remain undisclosed, but goers can expect a flurry of optical illusions and multiple cross-industry collaborations with a heavy emphasis on music and sounds.

Though no exact dates have been revealed, teamLab’s new installation is expected to open in the month of October.

In case you missed it, check out teamLab’s outdoor exhibition at Mifuneyama Rakuen Park announced last month.
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