Spoilers: David and Aaron become parents – but there's a catch

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) have been dreaming of having their own family in Neighbours, but when it finally happens, it’s not exactly what they’d hope.

After Aaron kicks off during their latest assessment to become foster parents, it looks like their parenting dreams are fading fast. Aaron is defiant, he blames his outburst entirely on Leila and wants to put in a complaint about the nature of her questions. The truth is though, they know he’s blown it.

The two resign themselves to the fact they have been rejected and Paul is heartbroken for the couple. He arranges a do hoping to cheer them up, when suddenly, David’s phone rings – they’re getting a foster child.

But there’s a catch, he’s not quite what they imagined. Despite having asked for a child aged two to five, they learn they will be fostering 13-year-old Emmett. They are not ready for a teenager. They’re disappointed and shocked, feeling unprepared at this new development. But when they meet him they see how much he needs a home and agree to take him for a week while the agency finds somewhere else.

The couple are seriously unhappy though, and privately rage to each other that it’s all gone so wrong.

Things go from bad to worse when poor Emmett overhears his new foster parents ranting about how they don’t want him. The rejection proves too much and he runs away. Aaron and David have fallen at the first hurdle. Is it enough to prove they shouldn’t be parents?

Scenes air from 29th June on Channel 5.

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