Spoilers: Chloe to lose baby in cruel twist in Neighbours?

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) has been uncertain about the baby from the start, but in a cruel twist of fate could the promise of a family be ripped away from her just as she realises how much she wants it in Neighbours?

Chloe has a lot on her mind at the moment, what with the unexpected pregnancy, her mother’s deterioration, her Huntington’s, and not to mention Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) declaring her love for her, so it’s no wonder one more thing might break the camel’s back.

Now that they have a baby on the way, Pierce (Tim Robbards) wants them to lay down roots, and he wants them to do it away from Ramsay Street. He decides they need a bigger place for their family and sets about looking at places. It’s too much change all at once and something inside an overwhelmed and unsure Chloe snaps. She confesses something terrible to Nicolette. Does she not really want this baby? Does she not want Pierce??

Nicolette realises she needs to get a terrified Chloe out of the situation and away from the stress, suggesting she take her for a nice walk. With the fresh air and a shoulder to cry on, Chloe begins to calm down and realises she was acting under stress and hormones. She does want the baby and the dream of the perfect little family, and she texts Pierce to tell him how much she loves him.

But as she does, disaster strikes.

Chloe is hit with a sudden, excruciating pain that forces her to her knees. She makes a desperate call to Pierce, something is very wrong with their baby. Is she suffering a miscarriage?

Scenes air from Monday 28th September on Channel 5.

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