‘Shark Tank’ battle over rent-a-Santa business: Trading cookies for dollars

Christmas came early for a Santa Claus entrepreneur on Sunday’s “Shark Tank.”

No, that wasn’t Will Ferrell under the green elf hat, but Texas native Mitch Allen, the creator of Hire Santa. The organization brings holiday cheer to people as far away as China through their network of rent-a-Santas.

To prove his point, Allen filled the Shark Tank with a group of jolly men with great white beards and red suits, and even Frosty the Snowman. The sharks also joined the festivities, wearing Santa hats.  

“I’m offering 10 percent of the workshop in exchange for 200,000 cookies,” Allen said as a Santa whispered into his ear. “Oh, I mean dollars.” 

This was just the first of many holiday puns as Allen asked the sharks to join him in some “reindeer games.”

“With hire Santa, anyone can get a visit from Santa,” he said.

 “Even if you’re on the naughty list—Barbara,” one of the Santas interjected, as Allen held his hands up in mock surprise.

“I hired a Santa, and he came over and smelled like a billy goat,” John said.

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