Selena Gomez Checks Out Of Rehab After Emotional Breakdown, ‘Is Doing Much Better,’ According To ‘E!’

Selena Gomez has checked herself out of a New York area rehab center following a short stay.

Earlier in October, Gomez entered the rehab facility after suffering what many referred to as an “emotional breakdown.” Now, the singer is out on her own terms and a source dished to E! News that she is doing much better following her stay. The insider also shared that the 26-year-old is “refreshed and is in a better head space.”

But just because she’s out doesn’t mean that she is finished with treatment. Upon her release, Gomez will still check in with professionals since her “health battle is ongoing.” She will also take a little time to relax. According to the source, Selena will not return to work right away and instead will lay low for a while rather than being in the public eye.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Gomez suffered a series of emotional breakdowns, causing her to be hospitalized. Gomez first went to the hospital after suffering a low white blood count in relation to her previous kidney transplant. After that, she checked out of the hospital only to return a few days later when her blood count was still low.

When she tried to leave the hospital for a second time, she was told that she could not leave yet and after that, she went into a panic and suffered a series of emotional breakdowns which led her to rehab where she reportedly underwent Dialectical Behavior Therapy treatment.

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DBT is a method of therapy that is “designed to help identify and then change negative thinking and behavioral patterns.” This essentially means that the therapy attempts to alter the negative thought patterns and behaviors within an individual and change other outward behavioral issues.

Recently, Selena’s friend and former Barney co-star Demi Lovato also checked out of rehab this past weekend. As the Inquisitr reported, Demi left rehab after completing 90 days of sobriety. She was spotted out and about many times this past weekend, grabbing coffee with sober pal Henry Levy and was even spotted holding hands with him over a sushi dinner in Beverly Hills.

But Demi will still continue treatment in the Los Angeles area, spending some of her time in a halfway house where she can be around counselors and other people who are in recovery for at least three days a week. The remainder of Lovato’s time will be spent at her home, according to the Inquisitr.

Hopefully, both Selena and Demi can continue to thrive following their rehab stints.

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