See Rare Photo of Jackie Kennedy When She and JFK Were Newlyweds

In the spring of 1954, just a year after Jackie and JFK were married, the new couple were living in a modest red brick townhouse in Georgetown where JFK was a Junior Senator for Massachusetts. At the time, JFK, 37, and Jackie, 25, were still relatively unknown as a political couple.

Hollywood photographer Orlando Suero, now 93, convinced McCall’s magazine to let him shoot the glamorous duo for their magazine, and ended up spending five days with them, snapping pictures as they relaxed at home; he even played a game of football in the backyard with John and his brother Bobby while Jackie and Ethel  Kennedy looked on.

“JFK was a regular guy,” says Suero, who recently just released Orlando Photography, a new photo book of some of his famous subjects, including Natalie Wood and Tony Randall. “The only thing he said was ‘Don’t make me look ridiculous.’”

Jackie, on the other hand, was a less eager subject.

“She didn’t feel comfortable being photographed,” Suero says. “She was very shy.”

Still, after she saw the photo spread in the magazine, she sent Suero a note telling him how much she liked them: “If I’d realized what a wonderful photographer you were, I never would have been the jittery subject I was,” she wrote.

She added, “They are the only pictures I’ve ever seen of me where I don’t look like something out of a horror movie.”

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